Revel in dewy delights of Coorg

Prepare to escape to the heavenly green and celebrate Coorg; a jewel of the Western Ghats, which delights with its rain dappled leaves and lush emerald grass.

Monsoon is literally ‘the’ most apt time to go down for a trek into the deep forests of Coorg. The many cascading waterfalls in the region come alive during the rainy season, making the iridescent flora and fauna ever more breath taking. Let your senses be assailed by the fresh aroma of coffee plantations as you watch the misty clouds play hide-n-seek. Here is a lowdown on all the places you must visit on your excursion to Coorg.

  1. Namdroling Monastery: The Tibetan or Namdroling Monastery, located at Baylkuppe, is one of India’s largest Tibetan settlements. Designed in exemplary Tibetan style of architecture, the place exudes and embodies the qualities of inner peace and    quiet. A pristine paradise, it’s here that one can bear witness to a gigantic golden statue of Lord Buddha along with Lord Padmasambhava and Lord Amitayus which stands at an impressive 60 feet. If tranquillity is what you seek, this is the ultimate destination for you.
  2. Abbey Falls: Situated in the midst of coffee plantations, the stunning Abbey Falls are located a mere kilometre away from the town of Madikeri. The picturesque cascade of water, which originates from the Kaveri River flowing down below the bridge, is just marvellous. The strikingly old and rugged bridge makes for a beautiful backdrop, as drops of water caress your skin and welcome you into the cocoon of Mother Nature.
  3. Chettalli: The oft-trodden pathways of Chettalli village at Madikeri are an amazing place to escape from the world, with nothing but fragrant cardamom fields and dusky clouds for company. The rolling greens of Chettalli are sure to soothe frayed nerves and thoroughly refresh you. A Horticultural Experiment Station and a Coffee Research facility in the area too make for interesting tours.
  4. Iruppu Falls: River Lakshmana Tirtha takes a 60 feet plunge amidst the jade-coloured mountains to transmute into Iruppu falls. Their immense beauty and easy accessibility make them a big hit with visitors. The charming views of the ferns along with the gushing sound of the falls makes for one memorable trek indeed.iruppu-falls
  5. Brahmagiri Peak: The Brahmagiri Peak stands proud at the centre of a vast wooded expanse with rolling, misty hills surrounding it. One can trek to the summit through grasslands, vividly colourful flora and tumbling streams. This region is also known for its delightful assortment of wildlife which includes special creatures like Lion-tailed Macaque, Giant Flying Squirrel, Nilgiri Langur and Spotted Deer amidst others.
  6. Dubare Elephant Camp: Experiencing these majestic creatures at close quarters at the Dubare Elephant Camp is one of the most exciting things to do at Coorg. Get a chance to know and enjoy the company of this regal animal; see them bathe and being fed by the mahouts. In addition to this, a coracle ride on Kaveri River comes highly recommended – wherein you can try spotting crocodiles, gaur, sloth bear, and peacocks in the woods.
  7. Raja’s Seat: Present in the town of Madikeri, Raja’s Seat is considered one of the most scenic places to visit in Coorg. It provides a breath taking view of the green valley and the surrounding hills, and is quite popular amongst tourists for its unparalleled view of the sunset. Encircled by a lovely garden of seasonal blooms and musical fountains, the best time to visit this gorgeous spot is during the early morning and evening hours.
  8. Nagarhole National Park: Located in the Kodagu district, the Nagarhole National Park is covered with a thickly dense forest. The park spreads across the foothills of the Western Ghats right down to the Brahmagiri Hills and extending in the south towards the state of Kerala. Apart from a wide variety of flora and fauna and some rare species on offer, one of the key highlights of a trip to Nagarhole is the largest congregation of Asian Elephants in the world. Avid birdwatchers also have plenty to look forward to, with over 300 species of winged creatures known to be frequenting the area.nagarahole-national-park
  9. Cauvery Nisargadhama: A stunning island, situated approximately 28 kms away from Madikeri, Nisargadhama arrives surrounded by thick foliage of bamboo groves, sandalwood and teak trees. The sprawling 64-acre nature resort, which offers treetop bamboo cottages, elephant rides and boating on the river, is just astounding – an ideal place to spend those well-deserved vacations with the entire family.

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