Reinvent your home’s décor with these easy-to-do tricks

Make your home 100% glamorous by redecorating it with easy-to-do home décor fixes that make a statement!

Before you finalize the guest lists for your house party, make sure your home is dolled up enough with statement décor styles that everyone will be going ga-ga about.

Interior designer and owner of IVY Concepts, Neetu Arora shares with PeakLife some idea to re-decorate your homes with Art Deco style furniture, artifacts and furnishing – to make your homes party ready for the celebratory season.

To begin with, you must know that Art Deco was a design and style movement that began in Paris in early 1920s and 1930s. The Art Deco design philosophy translates into reinterpreting the classics and focuses on edgy, symmetrical, streamlined and very clean-lines of furniture and décor. Installing some art deco furniture and accessories in your living space is an ideal way to bring this classy style into your home. Adding art deco hints to your home can be accomplished by finding just a few of the key features to include in anything from furniture to accessories. The Art Deco style is impressive all the way!

Mirrors and Mirror Tiles

Reinvent your home’s décor with these easy-to-do tricks
Mediba mirror and the Tone mirror by Bo-Concepts

Usage of mirrors and reflectors are very popular when it comes to adding Art Deco designs to your homes. Using big mirrors gives your living space an illusion of expanse that’s wide and bright. Being in-sync with the Art Deco philosophy, this openness in your living space makes a statement and helps the other elements stand out as well. Not just on walls, mirrors are popping up on coffee tables or as table tops for side tables to add that statement.

Reflective lamp bases with a fine mirror finish also help reflect light, making the brightness double up. The innovative use of mirror in décor elements has expanded the horizon for those interested in incorporating Art Deco accessories in their homes without heavily investing in mainstream Art Deco furniture pieces. Crafted to perfection, the Mediba mirror and the Tone mirror from Bo-Concepts will surely add a charm to your interiors.


Reinvent your home’s décor with these easy-to-do tricks
Rugs by Cocoon Fine Rugs

Rugs are an easy way to add a bold look to your living space. Look for large area rugs with geometrical shapes, bold patterns or bright colors to help make a statement setting for your room. These rugs can be easily changed in case you want to reinvent the design of the room. Cocoon Fine Rugs brings an amazing collection of rugs with intricate detailing with concepts of interstellar, radicals and debonair.

 Theatrical Furniture

Reinvent your home’s décor with these easy-to-do tricks
Ayodhya chair by InLiving

The addition of small details can help your furniture to stand out and become a statement piece. The theatrical furniture pieces are great additions anywhere in the house. The occasional bold piece of furniture, such as a patterned couch or a bright and interesting table make the space pop-up. The Ayodhya Chair by InLiving is very classy and its beautiful synchronization of colors makes your space look vibrant and cheerful.

 Artwork and Sculptures

Reinvent your home’s décor with these easy-to-do tricks
Sculptures by Devika Dewan

The biggest talking point of your home can be the art or artifacts that you add to your living space. To bring an instant reaction of WOW, you can invest in artwork like bold oil and metallic paints. Sculptured showpieces and table lamps with an innovative design scheme can be a bold statement maker and add a lot to your room’s appeal. Devika Dewan is known to gives some incredible space styling solution with her sculptures and artworks.





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