Rediscovering the Power of Nature with SNAANA

Rediscovering the Power of Nature with SNAANA

The story of SNAANA is best described as “the story of a mother who joined forces with nature.” PEAKLIFE meets Alkaa Punia, the founder of this 100% chemical free and preservative free skincare brand, to know her tale.

The popular saying ‘necessity is the child of invention’ rings in loud and clear when we hear the story of AlkaaPunia, the founder of the 100% natural skincare brand SNAANA, that is turning a new leaf in the industry of natural skincare products. The foundation of the brand SNAANA lies in the fact that it imbibes the pure, unadulterated goodness of nature. Given the fact that we live in a chemically throttled world; thousands of chemicals have entered our lives one way or another due to various industrial revolutions that have taken place. Many of them are commonly found in cosmetic products we use regularly to clean, heal, nourish and beautify our skin. The all natural ingredients and processes involved in making the products at SNAANA ensure that everything that is not you, melts away, restoring the True You in your harmonious, natural state.

The Story: An Eye-opener

Alkaa Punia shares her story as she goes back to the time when she helplessly watched her few months old daughters suffer from dermatitis. Despite numerous dermatological consultations and experiments with medicated soaps and other prescribed lotions and creams, the rashes on her daughter’s body showed no signs of reducing or fading. Taking the matter in her own hands, Alkaa researched on the products that she was using to be horrified with the realization that even the products reading ‘natural’ did include some of the other chemical, which was the reason for the reaction on her daughter’s skin. This is when she decided to find the answer in Ayurveda, and set off to make a soap at home, using real natural products like coconut oil, olive oil, and caustic soda. Being the first experiment, she admits that ‘soap’ she made at home looked more like ‘halwa’ and didn’t smell any good either, but the fact remained that it was ‘all natural’.  Within a few times of using that soap, her daughter’s skin showed signs of recovery and the rashes began to vanish. From that day, Alkaa decided to find more about the reason for an absence of real natural products, and was again shocked to know that due the loops in the legal system in India, “product can be labeled natural even if there is just 1% of a natural product in it.” The scary realization set Alkaa on a journey to make more ‘natural products’ and eventually gave birth to the brand SNAANA.

Need for Natural

During our conversation, Alkaa informs us that “As much as 70 percent of the beauty care product you apply on your skin is actually absorbed by your body, which means that the chemicals in the preservatives used in those products also seep into our skin.” And that is the reason why SNAANA makes a promise to “never include any chemicals as ingredients, preservatives or even in the process of extraction of the ingredients used for making its products”, says Alkaa. This is the differentiator and USP that makes SNAANA truly a 100% natural brand, which is a rare delight in today’s world. Using only the purest of ingredients, it also ensures minimal loss of nutrients in processing.

Right for your Age

Another highlight of the brand is the categorization of its products based on age groups, based on the belief that, just like the nutrient needs of our bodies change with age, so do the needs of our skin. The SNAANA products are available under the categories of Baby (0 – 2 years), Toddler (2 – 12 years), Teenage (13 – 19 years), Mom-Day (31 – 60 years), Grand Ma-Pa (60 & above). They also offer a range of shaving and beard care, balms, eczema/psoriasis skin care products, hair care products, mists, essential oils, cold pressed oils, accessories and the special service of ‘request for customization’.  The brand SNAANA can be bought online at their portal, and; and it retails from brand stores at MGF Mall, Saket, New Delhi; Mall of India, Noida; and GaramDharamDhaba, Delhi-Chandigarh Highway.

To buy or inquire more about these 100% chemical-free and preservative-free products, please log on to or write to


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