Raveena Tandon: A Role Model

Raveena Tandon: A Role Model

National Award winner, actor Raveena Tandon believes learning is a lifelong process as you evolve.

“It has been an exciting and fulfilling journey for me,” says actress Raveena Tandon. “I feel blessed as I have been fortunate enough to sail through the different stages of my life, as a doting daughter, mother and wife. Just the way I hoped to.” She is a usual ravishing self as we settle down for a chat at her bungalow in suburban Mumbai.

It has been a matrix of achievements for the star. From adopting two girls as a single mother to winning the National Award for her stellar performance in Kalpana Lajmi’s Daman: A Victim of Marital Violence, to being a successful film producer, and lending her name to worthy causes, Raveena has excelled in every role. “From modelling to acting, to being a wife and mother and now an entrepreneur, it has always been a learning process for me. My motive is to face challenges with guts and gumption, grapple with them to learn from my mistakes, and then move on. That is my mantra in life.”

How does she combat the guilt synonymous with every working mother? “I think this is every actor’s problem, in particular,” laughs Raveena. “It is quite challenging at times, balancing out time between work and family. Thankfully, my in-laws are a huge support. Yet I avoid taking up too much work as my children are still young and need my care and attention. But a little bit of astute planning goes a long way in chalking out a sensible schedule, keeping the kids school calendar in mind.”

“Personally, I am in a happy space to be blessed with a loving and caring family. They complete me. Being an actor, I think the passion to prove my craft and versatility each time I face the camera is what keeps me going,” she confesses with her signature smile. Raveena draws inspiration from her mother, her role model who has inspired her to be who she is today. “She has undoubtedly taught me to be the fierce, strong and carefree person that I am. My biggest motivational force has been my husband (Anil Thadani) who has been by my side in every situation of my life. He has been a virtual fountainhead of love and support.”

Raveena has been successfully using her celeb wattage to spotlight and raise support for issues concerning. “The quality of giving back is what I have imbibed from my parents. I feel it is every citizen or celebrity’s moral responsibility to look around them and see in what way they can contribute to the society. If there is a will, there is a way. It is our social responsibility to make a positive difference. I have been associated with several causes including women empowerment, girl safety and education and animal and forest welfare.”

While Raveena looks upon learning as a process, she offers a glimpse into her sense of humour when asked the best part about being Raveena Tandon… “To be mast mast, always! Jokes aside, be your own unique self and the world will adjust. Live and let live.”

 (As told to Shilpi Madan)


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