Pro tips to keep your gadgets safe during this monsoon

Well, you might be a phone addict, but you definitely want to save your gadgets this monsoon, Peaklife gives you some tips on how to.

Water is one of the killers which can bring instant death to your gadget and using your gadgets in midst of a rainfall can bring instant annihilation. To ensure your usage is safe its advised to stay rug and protected well before.

Use cases for your phones

If not having one already, you should buy a rubber tight case for your smartphone. The case in most occasions would protect your device from water which can enter through certain ports. Not only smartphones but also get cases for your laptops and smartwatches as well.


Avoid charging

If you arrived home just after a wet downpour, don’t charge your devices. It can damage the internal circuits of the device and is quite dangerous. Never dry the device using a hair drier, it can be dangerous to the internals and can permanently damage it. Its always better to stay in the zone of prevention rather land in the zone of danger.


Zip plastic pouches

Water resistant pouches for smartphones are available with both offline and online retailers, buy them if you want to go an extra mile for your gadget protection. These pouches are usually water resistant up to 20ms underwater and can be used whilst swimming in shallow pools without any probably causes of worrying.


Avoid using your device

If you’re out in a downpour, avoid using your device until its an absolute emergency. Even subtle water seepage can cause dangerous gradual damage to your device which can mess with your device’s internals making it unrepairable. Use a hands-free splash proof pair earphone to connect wirelessly to calls without taking a risk of damaging your device.

What if your device gets wet

If your device gets wet, don’t fret. The first aim should be targeted towards drying it up as soon as possible without further water being seeped inside to the internals.

Best option to dry the device is to damp it in a rice bag: rice has a property to absorb water quickly and dries your device faster than other alternatives.

One can also keep their device in a dry place where they can get some sunlight, it also helps in drying off the device.


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