Packing for a business trip like a pro

Packing for a one-day business trip can be a tricky affair. You can’t be lugging around any extra load, and nor can you afford to have missed out on any essentials. Sameer Sikka, Country Head, Victorinox Travel Gear gives you some tips on packing right.

One day business trips can be very hectic and very tricky but keeping the below points in mind one can be assured of a good trip. So here are few tips form Sameer Sikka, Country Head, Victorinox Travel Gear to help you travel smartly.

Travel Light

For a one-day trip it is always advisable to travel light which would mean not to pack too many things but only the ones you think would be necessary. Which means you do not need to carry a large suitcase but an overnighter or cabin luggage will do just fine. Pack those items first at the bottom which you need the last

Pack your Business attire


Pack in a good set of formal clothing for your meetings and conferences also ensure you carry comfortable formal shoes as you might be running around from the airport to the venue and back during the short trip. Choose a bag with an inbuilt organizer like the Victorinox Vx one Rolling Brief Case or the Vx One Business Duffel. You can also consider the Victorinox Dual Access Spectra Global Carry On bag. The Dual access feature helps you to access the bag more easily.

Pack your Essentials


Carry your toiletries and other essentials like medicines using the Victorinox Toiletry kit that’s compact and stylish at the same time. Plus, it is very convenient to carry.

Ensure you carry your travel documents

Remember to carry your travel documents like airline tickets, travel vouchers etc. The Victorinox Travel Organizer is a very good option for this purpose.  Pack in your business documents, files, Laptops, pen drives and other electronics required for the meetings.

Pack your conference clothes last so that they are on the top, this will prevent them from getting soiled. Remember to carry the chargers and the Victorinox power bank which will be required for your electronic items and mobile phones.

Carry a wallet which has space for all your credit cards as well as business cards. The Victorinox Barcelona or the Victorinox Amsterdam are the best choices.

Be prepared for Flight delays


In today’s times flight delays are very common and happen for various reasons. Pack an extra pair of Undergarments and socks for such eventualities. You can use the Victorinox anti-bacterial pouch for your used Undergarments.

Carry a 70ml of Perfume bottle instead of a 100 ml this will help you during your Flight check in. You may want to carry the Go Travel Eye mask which comes with a set of ear plugs so that you can have a comfortable flight.

In case you have motion sickness and your travel plan is very hectic for the day then you would like to carry the Go Travel Acustraps which is a motion sickness relieving acupressure wrist band.

You would want to roll your casual T shirt and keep it in between the trolley handle inside the bag to give your packing more balance; this will ensure that the packing stays stable.

Now you are ready to leave for the all important one day business trip!




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