Off Beat Christmas Gift ideas!

Off Beat Christmas Gift ideas!

In your quest of searching some unique and extra-ordinary gifts for your loved ones, PeakLife provides you some amazing off beat ideas that will up your gifting game.

With just few weeks left for Christmas, we are all planning to gift something unique and innovative to our loved ones. But in the hassle of buying the perfect gift for our friends and family, we usually go off on an over-drive of looking out for something overtly unique and end up gifting something that’s completely awkward.

But how do we buy something which is unique and yet worth gifting at the same time? No worries, we bring you five amazing off beat gift ideas that will help you create a distinctive impression.

Insurance, the gift of security! 

Off Beat Christmas Gift ideas!

The best gift this Christmas for your loved one is assuring them that their future is secured. Buying them insurance makes a great gift, and is a great way to show that you care. Plus, it’s investment wise also. If not for yourself and your loved one, you can also insure a prized possession like a jewel or a product which is really close to your heart. This will not only relieve you of any tension or stress about the safety of your prized possession, but will also give you a deep level of mental satisfaction. For the best life insurance plans in India you can take Aegon Life iTerm Plan, Bajaj AllianziSecure, etc into concern for the best outputs.

For endless ‘Netflix & Chill’ scenes

Off Beat Christmas Gift ideas!

With ‘Netflix and Chill’ being in line for your weekend plans, there is no better gift then an annual Netflix top-up for a person who is a TV series or movie buff. Within under Rs. 10,000 you can provide him/her the premium package which includes the benefit of viewing all the latest movies and TV programmes in Ultra HD quality with unlimited options to choose from. Trust me the recharge will be worth its price once you notice an awesome smile on the face of your personal.

Air Purifiers:

With the rising fear of pollution and smog ruining the health of many, the need for an air purifier has become a must for those who want to keep their air clean and breathable. It helps to reduce or eliminate second-hand tobacco smoke, takes control of all odours in your home and helps you live in a virus, and germs-free environment.

Bookworn friendly: Kindle Book Package

Off Beat Christmas Gift ideas!

We all have that one friend who lusts for some remarkable reads. Now, it’s time to gift him/her something they love but in a bit unique and modern way. All you need to do is to find the Kindle version of the book on Amazon and click the “Give as Gift” button. The book will be delivered to the respective individual through e-mail or as a gift voucher according to your preference.

Pets: Bring Wonderful Companionship

Off Beat Christmas Gift ideas!

Gifting a pet is a new trend and is a brilliant way to impress an animal lover. For a lot of people buy new-born puppies, kittens, etc from pet stores, but I personally feel that rather than buying them, you can adopt them and then gift it to someone. This will not only give a safe home to a stray, but will also give you the satisfaction of doing some good in life.




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