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Satori Spa BabAlShams



Leave behind the stress of busy life, stop time for a few hours and relax in oasis of calm and tranquillity at Satori Spa.

 Conventionally located in the desert surrounded by gently sloping dunes and natural desert landscapes, Bab Al Shams Desert Resort offers the guest the traditional desert experience. Built in an Arabic fort setting in and around an oasis, the Spa gives a finest wellness experience.

BalAl Sham Resort and Spa waterTaking the concepts of healing to a higher level are the Spa’s numerous offerings- shaded courtyards, walkways, unique ambience with water features providing cool shelter and the decorated walls.

For Unique experience, treat yourself to the ‘Blissful desert rose experience’. What sets the treatment apart is the use of rose that literally brings you to a blissful mood. Plus the use of Rose body wash, oil and cream helps in balancing emotional shock, grief, irritability, emotional coldness, and depression. The Therapist here also implicates into Swedish and neuromuscular techniques which helps in relieving muscular tensions.

You could also opt for the ‘Desert Deluxe Duo’, a luxurious facial-foot and hand therapy, for skin softening-nourishing and boasting your circulation. The foot massage touching the reflex points that dissolve blocked energy and relax the entire body as well.

Outer veiw of Bal Al ShamAlternatively, indulge in the ‘Gentlemen’s Facial Service’ designed for men. Deep cleansing, steaming, and extraction and treatment mask (which is available for acne, sensitive, dry and oily skin) make up this pleasing treatment that helps in refine the pores and conditions the skin.

Whatever you choose, an experience at Satori Spa of Bab Al Shams Desert Resort leaves you spellbound.

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