Now you can buy Mercedes own replica of the world’s first car.

Isn’t it amazing if you get a chance to own the first car ever built?  Mercedes Benz is selling its own replica of the first model it made, Benz Patent Motorwagen.

Mercedes Benz is selling Benz Patent Motorwagen on their website, which was their first model ever made and it is closest to the real thing. Mercedes created a series of Patent Motorwagen replicas in 2001- 2002. Recently acquired by Classic Center for inspection and restoration, the specific unit on sale was built in 2002. Built in 1885, by Carl Benz, the Patent Motorwagen is the first model that has been made to run via an internal combustion engine on January 29, 1886.

Replicas were mainly made for museums and public exhibits, the car is fully functional with low mileage. The replica has the speed of 16 kilometers per hour, powered by a-1 cylinder internal combustion engine, and has a leather interior. The replica version is offered for sale through All Time Stars Program by Mercedes Classic car department.


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