Normandy – Your cultural hub for 2017

Normandy – Your cultural hub for 2017

Witness a mélange of enriching culture in France, at its northern coast.

Normandy is a province exceptionally rich in culture in whole of France.
It is very famous for its D-Day beaches, historically rich museums and its tapestries. In addition, one cannot forget to enjoy its sumptuous delicacies and cuisines.

But apart from this, what if you could indulge in a mix of art, music, cinema and fashion, from Picasso to Mozart and from film to fashion icons, all at one place? 2017 brings along five major and vibrant events in the French province of Normandy for you to enjoy its exuberant culture.

Art and history lovers – Picasso exhibitions in Rouen

1_Musée des Beaux Arts de RouenPablo Picasso set up his first sculpture studio in a chateau in Normandy.
Artlovers out there would be pleased to learn that Musée des Beaux-Arts, Musée de la Céramique and the Musée Le Secq des Tournelles in Rouen will be paying tribute to Picasso’s work, exhibiting a fascinating collection of over 200 drawings, paintings, photos, engravings and sculptures.

Dates: 1 April-11 September





Fashion Lovers – Celebrating 70 years of Christian Dior in Granville

2_Christian Dior MuseumThe iconic fashion house – Dior this summer marks its 70th Anniversary.
To mark the occasion, the Christian Dior Museum will be hosting an exhibition dedicated to the designer’s 22 collections from 1947 to 1957. Apart from the haute- couture, visitors can enjoy picturesque views from the museum gardens.

Dates: 8 April- 24 September






Music and Theatre fans – Open-Air Opera at Château du Champ de Bataille

3_Chateau du Champ de BatailleBeing a huge fan of musicals and theatre, the Open-Air Opera will be a paradise this 2017.  Watch Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro being performed at the vintage Château du Champ de Bataille. Don’t miss the chance to watch this opera al fresco against the stunning backdrop of this stately home and gardens, which were brought back to their former glory by one of France’s most celebrated contemporary designers, Jacques Garcia, and have earned themselves the unofficial nickname of ‘mini Versailles’.

Dates: 24 June

Cinema and film enthusiasts- The Deauville American Film Festival

This film festival has been attracting film stars and cinema lovers for years now. It takes place every year over ten days in the eccentric seaside resort of Deauville.
Being the only festival in the world showcasing screenings 24/7 since 1975, it gives visitors the privilege to stroll down the seafront and enjoy the famous multi-colored parasols and beach huts with the names of film stars and directors.

Dates: 1-10 September

 Art and Culture lovers – Monet’s Impression, Sunrise

4_MuMaA major artistically rich era of Impressionism will be celebrated throughClaude Monet’s masterpiece, Impression, Sunrise, as it returns to the city where it was painted in 1872.  The André Malraux Modern Art Museum (MuMa) will be displaying a landmark exhibition placed on the canvas that gave the art movement its name.

Dates: 9 September-8 October

Picture Credits: Atout France

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