Nizam collection of jewellery you can’t afford to miss.

Nakshatra World Launches Nizam Jewellery in LumineuxUno Gold.

Nakshatra World launched an all new range of its popular and much loved Nizam brand of polki jewellery for special occasions, crafted in the New Age precious metal LumineuxUno Gold.

Nakshatra World is a leading name in the organized jewellery and luxury space in India. It manufactures and distributes a wide range of branded jewellery under well-known brands such as Nakshatra, Gili, Asmi, Parineeta, Sangini, etc. through over 3,000 points of sale in India and abroad.

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The recent collection, which brings designs from India’s rich jewellery heritage within easy reach of a wide consumer base, was unveiled by Bollywood star Tabu and Mr. Saurav Bhattacharya – President – Sales & Marketing, Nakshatra World, at a special event in Mumbai.

The Bollywood diva Tabu said, “I am proud to be present at the launch of this special collection from Nizam. It brings quality jewellery designs from India’s rich jewellery heritage within easy reach of a wide consumer base. Indian women, who have yearned to look like princesses, now have an easy option to make their dreams come true with the new Nizam collection crafted with LumineuxUno Gold.”

The royal Nizam Jewellery

 Nizam jewellery is an exquisite line of antique jewellery inspired by India’s rich cultural heritage. Earlier, the spectacular pieces with uncut diamonds and coloured stones, that evoke the opulence of a bygone era, were only available in a high end range crafted in 22k gold.

Check out the collection below:

With the launch of similar designs in LumineuxUno Gold, which is a combination of four precious metals Gold, Platinum, Palladium and Silver, Nakshatra World has widened the consumer base that can adorn themselves with classic designs from India’s glorious past. More and more women can now fulfil their dream of feeling like the princesses of yore!

The New Age precious metal, LumineuxUno Gold, which has special tarnish retardant properties, and extra strength and shine, was introduced in India in 2016 by Leading Jewellers of the World. Over the last year, the new metal has proved to be of high quality and has successfully been used by Nakshatra World for a range of plain metal and diamond studded jewellery collections.

The versatility of the metal for jewellery manufacture has now been further established with the launch of the Nizam jewellery, which has a more ornate look, complex designs, as well as a variety of settings for polki and other coloured stones etc.

Constant product innovation is a cornerstone of the Company’s success story, with emphasis currently on adding unique elements to the design, and exploring use of alternate metals and alloys as well as modern manufacturing techniques. The aim is to create lightweight products that are aesthetically appealing and affordable, while retaining product quality and the brand essence.


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