Muraka, The World’s First Underwater Villa


Muraka in the Maldives will be the first underwater villa which is being built by the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island. It’s immersed 16.4 feet under the Indian Ocean and is expected to open in November 2018. PEAKLIFE gives you a preview of what will be on offer at this exquisite villa.

Sleeping beneath sea level is a new thing we all didn’t know we could try. Muraka is under construction in the Maldives and will be the first-of-its-kind underwater villa to be constructed. One night there will cost a whopping $50,000!!


Conrad Maldives Rangali Island is changing the formula of luxury in the Maldives by introducing this Villa. The structure itself is made of steel, cement, and acrylic, with one level over the water and another level beneath. It’s more Trident palace than lodging suite, with enough niches and corners to rest nine visitors in addition to an exercise center, butler’s quarters, and space for a private security detail.

The guests who book the place get flown to their own private seaplane jetty and get picked up in a speedboat that’s theirs to use for the rest of their stay. The suite itself is set apart from Conrad’s beach villas and over-water bungalows so that its residents don’t have to see other humans or set foot on dry land during their entire vacation if they don’t want to. The guests have 4 dedicated butlers who live in a nearby structure to provide their guest’s top-notch service.


The villa has two storeys. The top floor has two bedrooms, a bathroom with an ocean-view tub, a sunset-facing deck, and an infinity-edge pool. Guests can descend below sea level either through a spiral staircase or down an elevator.

The undersea level will give all-encompassing perspectives of the encompassing sea from the extra large room, living region and washroom. This villa is being designed due to the increasing competition in the Maldives Tourism department. This villa is made specifically for the tourists who want a once in a lifetime experience, ‘go big or go home.’ Due precautions are being taken to not harm the coral of the region and not harm the nature in any way.


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