Most luxurious facials for the ultimate glow


If your skin is feeling dull and worn out after holi and the use of chemical colors and much more, you ought to read this. PEAKLIFE brings you a list of the most indulgent luxury facials available that are sure to relieve you of any skin worries. Dr. Kiran Lohia from Lumiere Dermatology, Delhi, tells us more.

Power Facial

The Power Facial is the 360-degree therapy that all the celebs are doing before their red carpet events. This ultra-effective treatment works on every concern ranging from fine lines, pigmentation, open pores, troublesome zits to sagging skin. And, it gives you permanent results instantly. For a multi-pronged method to address every layer of the skin, the skin is gently resurfaced using two different medical techniques and meso-infused with collagen and complexion boosting actives. Then, using the latest technology in laser therapy, your spots, marks, scars, and broken blood vessels are zapped away, leaving the skin clear and smooth. Finally, for a quick skin lift, we use the Accent Ultra to tighten up the face, making you look years younger instantly.

Approximate Price: INR 35,000 approx.

Duration: 40 minutes


NY Facial

Facial glow and treatment

The New York Facial is the latest combination therapy from Manhattan that combines 3 advanced technologies into a 45-minute painless and risk-free treatment. Perfect for a party or event, the very same day, you walk out looking like you have been photoshopped! Socialites and celebrities alike love the New York Facial for the immediately tightened skin, smaller pores, smoothened lines, brighter skin and long-lasting luminescent glow it imparts. With zero downtime, pain or redness, you can walk out ready for the red carpet in minutes.

Approximate Price: INR 30,000.

Duration:45 minutes


Head to Toe Facial

Led massage

A favorite amongst the Victoria Secret models before they hit the runway, the Head-to-Toe is the absolute ultimate in long-lasting body treatments. Brides can completely forgo their salon bridal packages and get permanently gorgeous body skin in just one sitting. This amazing top-to-bottom therapy is done on the whole body from the neck down. It essentially uses 4 different dermatological technologies to get your skin looking smooth, bright and tight instantly. First, we dermo-exfoliate the skin down to the each and every follicle using our American deep pore machine, resulting in a smooth, even and soft texture. Then, to get rid of tan and pigmentation, we apply instant brightening treatments. Third, we use our US FDA approved focused light machine to zap all those marks and spots for a flawless finish. Finally, we boost the skin’s collagen with an LED massage, giving you gorgeous skin from Head-to-Toe.

Approximate Price: INR 45,500.

Duration:45 minutes


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