Most Expensive Wine bottles ever sold

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Wine bottles have been sold for great amounts and if you are a wine enthusiast, here is the list of the most expensive wine bottles ever sold.

Wine is one of the toughest drought to make and great wine comes with great amount. It should never amaze you if a wine enthusiast spends thousands and dollars on a wine bottle. Here is the list of the five most expensive wine bottles ever sold.


Screaming Eagle Cabernet Sauvignon 1992

A rare and the most expensive wine bottle of 1992, the Screaming eagle cabernet valued at $50,000 that contains about six liters, was sold in Napa Valley charity auction. The wine bottle could have sold for more than any other wine in the history, but because of its being in the charity sale, the bottle was decreased down in price.


Chaval – Blanc


Chaval – Blanc is a wine of the vintage that overflows with dense fruits, huge tannis and balanced acidity valued at $304,000. In 2010, the bottle was sold to a private collector at a Christies auction in Geneva.


Shipwrecked 1907 Heidsieck

Shipwrecked Heidsieck is one of the exclusive and most premium wine bottles ever sold valued at $275,000. Swedish Freighter discovered more than 1000 bottles under him, sunk by a German U- boat in WW1. The bottles have been sold at auctions all over the world as an historic novelty.


Chateau Lafite’s

After the bidding war for vintage bottle of wine,Chateau Lafite, the bottle was available at a Sotheby’s auction valued at $232,692 and the wine was known to the collector who acquired all three of the three available 1869 bottles for a total of $690,000.


Chateau Margaux

A bottle of Chateau Margaux will cost you around 225,000 and it is one of the great tasting wines ever sold. The wine is an exclusive one and known for its premium quality.

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