Most dangerous but exotic train rides

There are millions of trains which run across countries throughout the world. However there are some especially scary in terms of their dangerous nature and location. The capturing scenic beauty is mesmerizing yet giving thrills with the perilous terrain.

Georgetown Loop Railroad

This railroad is in USA and is full of narrow gauge railroads. It is 3ft wide and is situated on the Rocky Mountains. The train crosses through the clear creek count and was made with the intention to make the people be able to reach the silver mines situated in that area.

One of the scariest parts of this railroad route is when the train passes the Devil’s gate bridge where the train is required to move as slowly as possible so that the bridge doesn’t fall.

White Pass and Yukon route, Alaska, USA

The train is 3ft narrow and links Skagway in Alaska with Whitehorse Yukon. There are no other rail routes linking with this one. It is 172km long. This route practically hugs the steep cliffs of the mountains it runs through. The railroad was built in the year 1898 during the Klondike gold rush and was extensively used. It has however ended up becoming only a tourist attraction. The route was closed in 1982 and was only re-opened to be preserved in the year 1988 and was called the White Pass Route.

Tren a las Nubes, Argentina

It is the fifth largest rail route in the world. It took 27 years to complete this railroad which runs in zig zags and spirals across the mountain terrains. This train passes through clouds high up in the mountain of North Central Argentina and is seen more as an airplane ride. This route runs through 21 tunnels and 13 beautiful buildings. The route is 13,850feet above sea level!

Chennai-Rameswaram route, India

This train runs through a track which is 2,065 meters long. The Pamban Railway Bridge was constructed in 1914 and acted as the only connecting route between Tamil Nadu’s island Rameswaram and the rest of the mainland. The route is situated extremely low. All you can see around is sea and no path or road for a long time. This experience gives people Goosebumps and mesmerizes them at the same time.

Aso Minami Route, Japan

This train passes through an active volcano region Kumamoto, Japan and connects Takamori to Tateno station in Minamiaso.

The visitors are at a risk to witness an Volcanic eruption at any given time they’re in the train as it unpredictable. The train tracks are next to the foothills of the volcano and the lava streams are a great scene to the passengers. The train normally also passes through other beautiful regions too.




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