Monaco Yacht Show Highlights

The world leading 28th Monaco Yacht Show, showcased the world’s leading luxury yachting extravaganza, from 26th – 29th September, 2018 at the Iconic Port Hercules.

The 2018 edition of Monaco Yacht Show, ended at the port hercules, showcasing some of the incredible fleet that took monaco’s seas in a unique exhibition that plunged visitors into a world of floating palaces and majestic sail boats decked out in meticulous attention to detail, finesse and elegance.

As the MYS sails into town, it brought some of the world’s leading yacht manufacturers and brokers to attend this exclusive launch of exceptional boats, discover architectural excellence and explore innovative facilities, where ingenuity and high-end yachting meet. Hundreds of the world’s most extraordinary superyachts were on display to the delight of tourists, boat aficionados and industry experts alike. Every year, 120 extraordinary one-off superyachts are on display, of which 40 new launches are unveiled in a worldwide debut.

One was able to experience the upper deck lounge, car deck, captains & crew lounge and starboard that offers food, a champagne bar and private meeting rooms with representatives from parallel industries like luxury car, private jet companies and super toys for yacht owners.

Revelling in unique experiences and top-of-the-range sailing, aboard sumptuous yachts, the crowd celebrated the quintessence of the superyacht lifestyle. There were wide range of Michelin-starred restaurants, comforts and an exceptional welcome in its palatial hotels and terraces overlooking the Mediterranean. Over the four days of the event, Monaco hosted a slice of the action.


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