Monaco to host 12th Monte-Carlo Jazz Festival

Monaco to host 12th Monte-Carlo Jazz Festival

Discover and re-discover the greatest Stars of Jazz at Monaco

Every November, the Monte-Carlo Jazz Festival takes spectators on a musical journey through the past, present and future of jazz, bringing together living legends and future greats. Under the high patronage of H.S.H. Prince Albert II, the Monte-Carlo Jazz Festival brings together, renowned jazz musicians in the prestigious Salle Garnier at the Opéra de Monte-Carlo.

The most awaited 12th edition of the Monte-Carlo Jazz Festival begins from 16th November, 2017 which will extend to 2nd December 2017, where the Mega stars of Jazz fraternity & the best contemporary jazz voices will be there to charm your senses. The Opera Garnier is the best chosen host for the Festival, its luxury and decoration combined with essence of Jazz is sure to take you on a musical journey. It will be your chance to enjoy as well as replay the vintage jazz music that today’s generation has lost.

The festival reflects jazz music as it is, open to all musical currents, always leaving room for tradition yet without being conservative, taking inspiration from music from all over the world and showcasing creation. This programme is in the image of these 11 years of the Monte-Carlo Jazz Festival. It shows that jazz is still diverse, unrestricted and freedom-loving.

Monaco to host 12th Monte-Carlo Jazz Festival

Alike every year, Jazz gathering would be attended by thousands of music lovers from all around the world. To continue this legacy, this year as well, the festival brings together performances by internationally celebrated jazz artists including, Marcus Miller who will perform at the opening night, followed by Stacey Kent, Texas and Christophe and many more. You can expect some of the most mind-blowing performances, throughout the celebration. For the closing evening, the extraordinary “The Puppini Sisters”, now regarded as the world’s leading close-harmony group, will perform their gorgeous harmony singing style.

The festival will pay tribute to all the Jazz musicians of the world, and mark the existence of never dying Jazz music.





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