Mercedes Benz Opens A Luxury Lodge at Mt. Buller

To add a touch of class from ski fields of Europe, Mercedes Benz have opened a pop – up warming luxury lodge at Mt. Buller.b 

If you are a luxury connoisseur and keen on exploring one-of-its-kind, here’s bringing you Mercedes Benz luxury lodge.

Providing high levels of comfort for all the skiers and snowboarders, Mercedes Benz opens a luxury lodge at Mt. Buller. Constructed from three shipping containers, the lodge features leather chairs, wooden skis, bench seats, sleighs on the walls and a wall tap that has a Mercedes benz logo on it.

In addition to the features, to provide warm air, Mercedes Benz air vents are built and there is also an ambient lighting to suit the time of the day. There are warp around windows that provide 180 degree views and to enhance the views, there is even a telescope in the lodge.

The lodge is located less than 10 meters away from the Mercedes Benz chairlift and the lodge is open to the public at Mt. Buller.



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