Mars inspired Furniture for your home

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Tired of your old furniture? Then Gallery All brings you whole new MAD Martian collection of furniture.

“Home is not a place. It’s a feeling”. And furniture is the main element in making that feeling remain strong and beautiful. Ma Yansong, Founder of MAD Architects brings you the MAD Martian Collection Of furniture. The furniture’s were recently showcased at Design Miami/ Basel.

The idea of MAD Martian Collection came up with a question of “What Chinese colonization of a Martian planet look like”? So the concept brings the scientist out of you. The designs are made from CNC’d aluminium with contemporary robotic fabrication techniques. To make sure that the furniture does not get heavy due to its material they are made lightweight with foam covers.

So now you know that you don’t need to be an astronaut anymore to feel the space life. Create a whole new universe at your own home by just making some adaptation. The profound architect Ma Yansong has been famed for their design philosophy of ‘Shanshui City’ which integrates element of tradition Chinese design.

Dining Table

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An inverted mountain range of dining table! Made with Aluminium, makes it easily portable to any destination.

Chaise Lounge

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The Chaise Lounge is designed in such a manner that it results into a lovely tension between the weight of the undulating downward point and elegant horizontal plane. And it’s dimensions: 176W x 63D x 74H (cm) makes it more spacious and comfortable. This is a true example of when style and technology goes hand in hand.


luxury furniture

Inspired by the root systems of plants these chandeliers are designed to stand-alone or cluster. Chandeliers always remind us of classic and romantic lifestyle. With being designed by Bronze or Stainless Steel, it looks old but stays new.

Suspension Lights

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These floor-ceiling suspension lights are a regenerated version of mid 20th Century lights. The drooping ridged surface of the PU and Bronze shade conveys an alien Chrysalis, protecting a creature in a state of metamorphosis.






Super luxury Yatch

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