Mangusta partners with MPN Marine

Mangusta GranSport

Mangusta collaborates with MPN Marine to create a market for Mangusta in Europe

Mangusta strengthens its presence in Europe by signing an agreement with Alfred Zurhausen’s MPN Marine for the commercialisation and development of the brand in Germany. A strategic market, where the values of aesthetics, manufacturing skills and technical quality featured by Mangusta products are well appreciated.

Driven since he was very young by passion for speed and water – he was only 13 when he would speed away on his father’s motorboat – Alfred Zurhausen is a true expert of high performance vessels and MPN Marine has been operating on the market successfully for several years.

Zurhausen will introduce to the German market a brand of great tradition and distinctiveness, which today boasts three different product lines: 3 different ways to experience the sea but offering the same technical innovation, the same manufacturing quality and the same philosophy that sees the vessel as the ideal way for an Owner to live a truly personal experience.

The most traditional line is that of the Mangusta Maxi Opens, fast and sporty yachts, a niche in which the Group is a market leader. It represents the “Mediterranean yacht” par excellence which allows moving quickly from one place to another in full comfort (in terms of on-board space but also in terms of noise, stabilisation and vibrations). The Mangusta Oceano line comprises long-range vessels in metal. These are optimised for a range to rival those of explorer type vessels, up to 5000 miles and have a beach area that can be turned into a toys area. Last but not least, there’s the new fast displacement line, Mangusta GranSport, born as a technical and stylistic combination of the previous two. These are long range vessels with their best performance in displacement mode but capable, at the same time, to reach higher speeds,  those typical of high performance yachts, whenever desired by the Owner.

Next summer will mark a major achievement since models of all three product lines are scheduled for delivery: in addition to the 46m yacht from the displacement line and three Maxi Open, the first 54m flagship vessel of the new Fast Displacement Mangusta GranSport will be launched.

Boot in Düsseldorf (January 20-28) will represent the official start of the cooperation and Mangusta will participate with a stand-in Halle 6, in the maxi yacht area.



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