Mangusta brings Maxi yacht for Americans

Mangusta 110 series gets another buyer from America

Mangusta in Novembers announced the sale of another maxi open yacht of the Mangusta 110 series. The confirmation of the sale consolidates a series of excellent results achieved across the ocean in the past five years.

According to the Mangusta’s Commercial Director-Francesco Frediani in last 5 years the company has sold 8 vessels to the US, of which 6 are beyond 100 feet. “This success demonstrates that American clients are familiar with and appreciate Mangusta maxi open yachts, acknowledging their aesthetics, functionality and technical quality.”

Designed for Performance

The Mangusta 110 is ideal for the US because it moves fast from one place to the other thanks to the MTU 16V2000 M96L engines that push it beyond 33 knots and because it’s reduced draft, of just 5’ 69’’, allows navigation at every depth, including in America’s shallow waters.

It is perfect because it glides smoothly on the water: an extremely quiet experience overall thanks to the water jets propulsion, a feature where the shipyard was a pioneer. In fact, for more than 30 years, Overmarine Group has been using waterjets and to date it is one of the few shipyards that equips them as standard on planning and semi-displacement vessels. In the past few years, several tests and studies in hydro-dynamics were performed to obtain optimized hulls perfectly suitable for this system. The many years of experience, unique in the marine sector, combined with continuous research and technical innovation lead to high engineering and reliability that lasts over time.

It is particularly appreciated for its versatility: the presence of a gyroscopic stabilizer allows obtaining maximum comfort, at sea or at anchor, with any kind of sea and at the lowest speeds, effectively expanding the range of use and optimizing consumption.

 Sleek Design

Mangusta 110 is loved also for its harmonious blend of style and functionality, such as the sporty look of its lines combined with the comfort of the open spaces, for the ease of handling and manoeuvring, thanks to the introduction of the new Rolls-Royce Kamewa joystick or the dynamic positioning, which ensures that the vessel remains in a specific GPS position, without the influence of tide, wind and flow, and for the second helm station on the sundeck.

Spaces on board are wide, with excellent balance between outdoor and indoor. As per all the Mangusta models, the interiors are designed and built according to the Owner’s needs.

This unit, the third one of the series, will have a typical American layout, with a configuration that highlights the functionality of use.

The style will be Retro Chic and the Interiors Dept. of the shipyard is already hard at work with the Owner to choose furnishing and decor in line with his wishes.

The success Story

The reasons of such a success are many and range from the introduction into the American market of a new series of models, excellent for their technical manufacturing characteristics and particularly suitable for the boating paradise of Florida and Bahamas, where it is necessary to cruise in shallow waters, all the way to careful marketing, which allowed the American public to associate more and more the Mangusta brand with the new models and thus appreciate their value.

But it is always and foremost the Mangusta product that makes the difference: a yacht of great visual impact, iconic in its sleek, timeless, lines and of surprising on-board comfort. Moreover, there is the perception of its quality of construction and highly technical contents.

The vessel is expected to be delivered in summer 2018.

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