Maldives beyond waters

With diverse culture and the multi-cuisine, Maldives invites the travellers from around the globe to experience Maldives closely. 

Maldives is situated amidst the Indian Ocean, above a huge underwater mountain range, with the waters which is home to more than 900 varieties of creatures. A mélange of Sri Lankans, Indians, Arabs and North Africans Maldives is a culturally rich country.

Needless to say, a trip to Maldives is incomplete without you indulging in Bodu Beru, a singing-dancing display of Maldivian Culture. If you haven’t sway the drumbeats by now one must also witness the dance forms of Dhandi Jehun, Thaara and Gaa Odi Lava; performed by the talented Maldivian women and men.

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Make sure you visit the Male’ Friday Mosque to see the Maldivian example of intricate craftsmanship. And, don’t you miss out on shopping when in Male’. The streets in Male’ are best for wooden lacquer, mats, coir ropes and calligraphic displays.


Maldivian delights

Malé, being the capital city of Maldives, is the center for trading works along with some of the best Michelin rated restaurants present here.

The picturesque restaurants at resorts, invites you to experience the local cuisines of Maldives with unique flavour of coconuts and Maldivian menu with fish on it. One must try the mas huni for breakfast, a shredded smoked fish with grated coconuts. Another enduring Maldivian favourite is Bokiba, a thick cake made with fish and chillies along with onion Toppings, which is served in two types spicy and sweet.

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Exotic Getaway

Maldives have been, longing get away for travelers from their mundane lifestyle and surroundings. The resorts situated amidst scenic beauty of exquisite turquoise water views make the holiday even more eccentric.  The resorts also offer fun activities like canoeing, parasailing, surfing and underwater diving for their guest.

One can also plan a wedding with modern day and Maldivian culture fusion in Maldives. The Resorts here also do weddings for their guest on special request; doing arrangements for wedding ceremonies providing pavilions, sailboats and underwater.

Visit to the Maldives not just guarantees the best vacation of your lifetime, but it also gives you exposure to a great cultural experience.

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