Lufthansa’s Mercedes Benz Inspired Cabin is Absolute Excellence

Lufthansa has recently launched a private jet cabin which has been inspired by the Mercedes Sports Car. PEAKLIFE lets you in on the luxury loaded cabin… Read on.  

Lufthansa is the world’s 5th largest airline in terms of the passengers carried, while Mercedes is one of the top brands for luxury cars. The coming together of these two leading players brings about a ravishing delight for the connoisseurs of luxury. The two brands recently decided to collaborate to create something beautiful for its customers once again.

The original version which was called the Mercedes-Benz Style VIP Cabin was first unveiled at the 2015 EBACE show in Geneva. However a latest iteration was unveiled at the 2018 edition of the same show which takes luxury jet cabins to a new level.


Mercedes and Lufthansa have come together to design a beautiful private cabin. Dubbed the ‘Inspired by AMG,’ the new cabin incorporates a sportier take on the prestigious VIP aircraft cabin. The design of the cabin matches the outstanding architecture of Mercedes-Benz interiors while also bringing the elements of the Lufthansa luxury private jet. The cabin was aimed to attract more and more people who had an affinity for sport interior-designs.

The brown and white interiors were exchanged for sportier grey and black along with the use of carbon fiber, which gave a more classic Mercedes appeal. The cabin also sports black panels which are inspired by the design of dashboards in AMG sports cars. Mercedes-Benz Magic Sky technology allows the panels to be dimmed electrically from black to transparent. Displays and touch screens for entertainment and information screens are also integrated on the black panels.

According to sources, the success of the first collaboration between the two brands led them to collaborate again on a similar project and make something for its customers. We can’t disagree, and are looking forward to more such collaborations.



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