LG patents Smartwatch with Camera


You will soon have a smartphone with a camera to check the calorie count of your food

Recently the WIPO and USPTO (United States Trademark and Patent Office) published a patent of the LG Smartwatch which can click pictures.

LG-Watch-1LetsGoDigital reported about the patent filed by WIPO and USPTO under the name “smartwatch and method for controlling same

The patent also gives details of how it is difficult for a smartwatch to capture all the information and explaining that it is necessary to move the camera to get a better picture which is easy with a smartphone, but it’s a bit difficult on a wristwatch.

So the Yes LG is introducing a new technology where you can easily click pictures with the wristwatch, adjusting your angles, without turning the watch into awkward positions. The patent gives various images of how the watch would look with the camera. The solutions include an adjustable wristband so you could easily angle the camera, a metal link version of the watch band where one of the links has an integrated camera, and even a camera with a spring clip you can place anywhere along the watch band.

Bringing out the real reason of camera on a smartwatch, giving more real-time application for taking pictures. The patent fives details like the camera can click pattern prints, while you can click pictures of person and cut-out of the face. Also take pictures of food to count calorie intake, scan QR codes or barcodes at the store.

We are not sure when LG will implement this particular patent but yes this makes us more curious about the fact that we have a camera on our smartwatch.

Source: USPTO

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