Lexus LS 500h launched in India

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Lexus extends its range in India with the introduction of their flagship sedan, the LS 500h.

Alluring and extremely well-appointed the Lexus flagship LS series is a statement maker. It’s everything you would expect from the pinnacle of luxury performance.

Hybrid powertrains are becoming a norm for Lexus in India and the LS 500H is the flag bearer for the carmaker’s hybrid initiative. The LS 500H employs hybrid system comprising of a 3.5L V6 petrol engine mated of two electric motors for a combined system output of 355 PS. Lexus claims a 0-100 km ph sprint time of 5.4 sec. The drive train gets its battery power from a lightweight lithium-ion pack that uses a new space-saving satellite construction design.

Lexus hints that apart from the design, space and hybrid powertrain, another big draw for the Lexus LS500H will be its driving dynamics which aim to make it a sporty offering in the super-luxury space.

Impressive Exterior Design

lexus exterior @PeakLife

It has a sloping roofline, alloy wheels, and adaptive LED lights and a lightning bolt shaped headlamps along with aerodynamically shaped mirrors.

Notably, it is the first Lexus sedan to feature a six-window profile, which ensures excellent outward visibility, and also the first to feature window with flush surfaces that integrate smoothly with the side pillars.

The front design makes a bold statement with the dramatic forward thrust of the spindle grille and a low-hood profile, achieved thanks to the positioning of the front suspension towers permitted by the new GA-L platform.

The LS is equipped with a glass sunroof which opens externally. At the rear, the full LED lamps have a sleek design with strong vertical corners that give them an instantly recognizable shape.

Indulgent Interior Design

lexus interior @PeakLife

The design of the new LS interior combines traditional Japanese aesthetics with advanced manufacturing techniques, reflected in elements such as the soft ambient lighting that makes the armrests appear to float next to the door panels.

The new LS provides a driver-focused cockpit and a front passenger seat area designed to gently envelop the occupant. Elements such as fine leather, precise stitch-work and detailed metal and wood accents add to the welcoming ambience with a range of textures and surfaces that are pleasing to the eye and touch.

The dashboard has a sweeping area of fixed, horizontal metal fins spanning its full width. The new steering wheel has a three-spoke design and smaller diameter than that used in previous LS model.

Conceived as the new global pinnacle of the Lexus Brand, the LS goes beyond what the world expects from a luxury car.


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