Levis Motorcyle reintroduced with a V6 Café Racer

Levis was the undefeated bike giant back in the early 20’s and 30’s. Closed then, Levis is set to make a comeback with a racing class v6 engine to gain space in the elite bike market.

Levis has released a new concept model of its upcoming production bike known as V6 café racer. Yes, you heard it right- V6. Its powered with racing class 120hp producing V6 engine to match with the giants in the market such as Ducati.

Levis has got down in the market after a long span of 80 years, its resurfacing with its concept surrounding a modular V6 engine and garnished with a price tag which is for just a few. Levis Motorcycles stands among the forerunners of the British motorcycle industry and it was active from 1911 to1941. The Birmingham, UK, company built its name on a series of small-capacity two-strokes that would bring several conquests at the Isle of Man Lightweight TT in the early 1920s.

The entire name-line was dormant until 2014, when its rights were acquired by David Redshaw with high hopes of reviving it. Then Bevan in July 2017 acquired Levis from Redshaw with new headquarters in Swaffham and a clear plan in their mind. For the café racer they produced V6 1200cc liquid cooled engine, producing 120hp and an insane amount of torque. There are also plans for the supercharged version of the same.

Fact of the matter, the powerplant is still under development and some of the aspects are yet to be defined; Levis is in full swing on its manufacturing with the deadline being September of this year.

The motorbike is still a prototype and in development a lot of fine tuning is coming up in the time. According to Levis the final product will be more refined and finished and will be much better. Levis is also planning a 2000cc V10 by 2022 all on the 100th anniversary of the brand itself.


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