Latest in yachting style

Latest in yachting style

Pershing yacht owners need to get your hands on the Owners Set by Poltrona Frau for Pershing, that celebrates the first 10 years of partnership between the two icons of Italian design and craftsmanship.

Pershing recently unveiled a new Owner Set by Poltrona Frau at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2017. This set of suitcases and accessories raise a toast to the strong association between these two iconic Italian brands and the first 10 years of the partnership between the two icons of Italian design and craftsmanship.
The set of suitcases and accessories in Pelle Frau® “Meteorite” leather, created exclusively for Pershing, kicks off the initiatives to mark the tenth anniversary of a partnership that was also celebrated at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2017 with Pershing 9X. The fleet’s new coupé, with a wealth of furnishings by Poltrona Frau, features a futuristic helm station co-designed by the two companies.

The partnership which began in the year 2007, when renowned Italian furniture and interior design brand Poltrona Frau made its debut in luxury yachting, as a partner of Pershing with the fabulous interiors of their then latest addition to the fleet, Pershing 72. Over the last ten years, the two brands have developed a unique partnership, skillfully combining Pershing performance with the Poltrona Frau style.

At the Cannes yachting Festival 2017, Pershing and Poltrona Frau introduced some major major new additions to their range. The show saw the unveiling of the Owner’s Set for Pershing Yacht Owners. This is a magnificent collection of one-of-a-king suitcases, bags, trolley bags, and other accessories made entirely from Pelle Frau® “Meteorite” leather, and is created exclusively for Pershing. The stylish range of accessories was crafted by Poltrona Frau using top quality natural grain leather and designed with the idea that these unique accessories would express the brand’s key elements: speed, dynamism and innovation.

The alliance between the two iconic brands has been extended to much of the fleet over the past ten years. The joint venture between the two brands has made such an impact on the yachting and Italian design world that it has earned a place for itself in a museum. In the Poltrona Frau Museum in Totentino, home of the company’s headquarters, one of the seats made for the Pershing 72 is on display as a genuine example of industrial art.

All eyes are now on the future initiatives planned by the two companies for their 10th anniversary celebrations, and the new and ambitious plans to come.



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