Know more about your exotic cup of Coffee

From extracting coffee from a cat’s poop to producing them in the rarest of places and conditions, PEAKLIFE lists for you the most exotic coffee beans in the world.

Coffee has a flavour that can turn from leisure to addiction in no time. Each has a unique taste and those of the highest quality are listed below:

Kopi Luwak

Kopi luwak is produced mainly on the Islands of Sumatra, Java, Bali, and Sulawesi in the Indonesian Archipelago. Here the coffee cherries are eaten by the Asian palm civet and then defected. Fermentation occurs as the cherries pass through a civet’s intestines, and after being defecated with other fecal matter, they are collected. After being processed, Luwak diminishes acidity and flavour and adds smoothness to the body.

Zimbabwe Coffee

Held in particularly high regard by coffee bean connoisseurs is Zimbabwe Chipinge Coffee which, among many fine African coffees. Highly aromatic, Zimbabwe coffee is a medium-bodied with a medium density and lively berry-like or citrusy acidity. Typically, wet processed (washed), a good Zimbabwe coffee is well-balanced with a rich flavor and fine aftertaste. Also known for its amazing balance, this coffee’s aroma consists of citrus tones cutting through the winey acidity.

Jamaican Blue Mountain

Since the space on the Blue Mountains where this coffee is grown is very less, the demand of this coffee is very high due to its low supply. The demand is purely based on the coffee’s unique characteristics and taste. The sophistication that it adds, with an excellent full body, a classic and refined mild taste with a slightly (and unusually) sweet flavour is very rich (sometimes almost creamy). The Jamaican Blue Mountain takes about 10 months from bloom to harvest and only survives the unique environment, and cool conditions from the Blue Mountains.

Black Ivory Coffee

One of the costliest coffee, the Black Ivory Coffee is created through a process whereby coffee cherries are naturally refined by Thai elephants in the remote rural village of Ban Taklang, Surin, Thailand. Approximately 33 kilograms of coffee cherries are required to produce just one kilogram of Black Ivory Coffee. Black Ivory Coffee lacks bitterness and is delicate, almost tea-like in its complexity. While taste is subjective we believe this will be the most distinctive cup you will ever taste.

Indian Mysore

This is a sweet, medium-bodied espresso with a generally gentle sharpness and rich flavour imbued with zest flavours including clove, cardamom, pepper, and nutmeg alongside clues of tropical natural product. Developed in Karnataka in India, Mysore might be matured in the storm downpours to give one of the world’s most special fascinating glasses and positions them among the most regarded espresso beans.

Panama coffee beans

Recently emerging onto the world’s gourmet’s coffee scene, this coffee is absolutely delicious. These beans have a very fragile acidity, honey and citrus flavours and delicious jasmine aromas alive with floral tones.Made from hand-picked coffee cherries that were harvested in the tallest mountain in Panama, VolcánBarúis arguably magic, indeed. The cherries were then dried for eight days until reaching ideal humidity, then sold green.

Mocha java

Mocha Java is said to be the world’s oldest coffee blend, combining two of the best premium coffee beans with complimentary tasting characteristics. It has an intense flavour along with an exceptional balance. Its wonderful wildness reflects its exotica and its perfect blend provides an aesthetic feel to the mouth.

Guatemalan Coban

The brewed coffee that contains both the floral as well as spicy tones. The interesting fusion gives an excellent finish to the coffee and it literally plays away its exotica on your palette. It also has a light fruity acidity to it.


Here were some of the tropical flavours of the tastiest coffee beans in the whole wide world. Choose your flavours from the above information and reach out to get your exclusive collection and love for coffee.


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