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India’s first 3D Printed designer jewellery is a trend

MIRAKIN, inspired by the Japanese fine jewellery aesthetics. The brand has received wide-spread acclaim for the extensive use of artistic designs, intricate craftsmanship, engineering and the use of cutting-edge technology like 3 D printing, which is currently not used by any other brand in India. Taking inspiration from the Japanese WABI SABI concept, of “Beauty of imperfection” the new collection is just amazing, the accessories are perfectly designed for enhancing the beauty of imperfection that lies in our souls.  Sahil Nandal, the CEO and founder speaks to PEAKLIFE giving his intricate details about the making and designing.

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  1. If somebody is looking for customization, how does the Mirakin work, tell us about the approach.

We have two types of customization,

– First where we have preset designs and styles, aspects of which the customer can customize in any way, for example in any ring from our collections, the customer can choose to change the thickness, add a semi-precious or precious stone, or get some kind of engraving done. 

– Second approach is where the customer tells us what he or she has in mind for a design and our designers help them make this vision into reality. Our turnaround time is also the fastest in the country, with ideation to final product within a week.



  1. How did you come across the 3D technology, and how do you see its different from the other designing techniques.

My college thesis was on usage of 3D printing in the fashion and accessories industry, so I had been fascinated by this technology for quite a few years now. The fact that we can make very intricate designs which are practically impossible to replicate by hand and that we can go from design to end product within a couple of days is what attracted me, and I saw a huge gap in the Indian industry in regard to the proper usage of this tech.

  1. Till date what are the interesting customized gifts you have made for your customers?

We have made countless gifts, from a customized bike ring for a biker husband to a very intricate flame lily design earrings based on the proposal memory of a couple who fell in love at a location with flame lilies present. 


  1. Tell us about the WABI SABI collection, what one can expect.

Wabi Sabi is our prime collection of the year, where we go back to our Japanese roots and focus on the concept of imperfection as beauty. The whole idea that imperfection is beautiful, and the amalgamation of natural organic wood and sterling silver is something India hasn’t seen before. That is our motto with every collection, to bring to the market something fresh, something the Indian customers never thought possible.

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  1. What other collections you have at the Mirakin?

We have one of our best seller collections called the Globe Trotter collection where we have made cities into memories (rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets) and designed them in such a way that a person with the love of any city or memory of a city can wear it with them anytime. Other collections are based on personalities and lifestyles of modern Indian women, ranging from the Wild Ones to The Minimalists.







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