Know about the new ‘Spirit Library’ in Hong Kong


Victoria Chow Launches The Woods’ Annex to take ‘an educated sip’ in Hong Kong’s newest spirits library

In recent time bar and cocktail scene has grown by leaps and bounds, and while the quality of drinks has reached a new level, there are still few places that focus on digging deeper into spirits education and appreciation. That’s set to change this month as Victoria Chow launches The Woods’ Annex, a hidden bar aimed at promoting the art of spirit appreciation through industry-expert panels, guided tastings and workshops.

Opened in the heart of Soho where premium, artisanal spirits take centre stage, The Woods’ Annex is borne out of a curiosity for fine drinking. Victoria Chow, founder of the popular The Woods and KWOON by The Woods, Asia’s first premium ready-to-drink that brings artisanal cocktails beyond the bar space to be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. The Woods’ Annex is a spirits-focused educational platform to develop consumers’ exposure, and to diversify their drinking habits.


“Through our tastings at The Woods’ Annex, we hope to impart our knowledge of spirits to elevate our guests’ enjoyment of their drink and to develop a more adventurous palate.” says Victoria Chow, founder and managing director of The Woods’ Annex.

Modelled after the concept of a private kitchen, The Wood’s Annex is an 8 seat bar, open by appointment only. The Woods’ Annex offers visitors an opportunity to explore unfamiliar spirits and engage in discourse with the bar manager or visiting producers. Following Victoria’s curious tenacity in exploring the provenance and personalities behind her favourite spirits, The Woods’ Annex establishes itself as a resource for beginners and aficionados alike.

Under Victoria’s guidance, The Woods’ Annex seeks to demystify the complex world of spirits, and hopes to encourage guests to expand their palate and explore other categories of drinks with similar flavour or contrasting profiles.

Guests will be able to build their own flights, and deepen their appreciation of spirits through guided tastings and workshops with The Woods’ mixologists, and industry experts. From independent producers to large distillers, the bespoke workshops will draw upon provenance, techniques, and heritage to showcase the craft behind a range of specialty spirits including gin, rum, tequila, and whisky.

Hidden behind KWOON by The Woods’, The Woods’ Annex showcases minimalist design aesthetic pervading the space with industrial-style references, while leafy plants evoke a sense of an urban hideout. Housed in an open plywood cabinet, an extensive selection of over 300 spirits reflects craft distilleries from all corners of the world.

Rare spirits will be tagged with an individual ‘library card’, which reveal a history of previous drinkers. The ‘Travelling Corner’, a special section, features unique bottles from visiting industry friends that are not currently available in Hong Kong. With spirits in every style, guests may purchase standard bottles (750ml) and sample bottles in 100ml pours are available upon request. Perfect as seasonal gifts, these miniature bottles allow guests to taste a variety of new spirits at an affordable price point.


Visitors to The Woods’ Annex can look forward to guest speakers from spirits producers including Matt Magliocco, President of the family-owned Michter’s bourbon, Jesse Estes, founder of Ocho tequila and Mika Lipiäinen, CEO/Founder of Kyro Distillery gin.

Information and booking of private workshops can be found on The Woods’ Annex

Soon, The Woods’ Annex will launch an online retail platform for clients to peruse this eclectic spirit collection and have their purchases delivered to their door.





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