Keep your Glow going even in the changing weather


Changing weather means skin issues, and the best way to battle them is to make sure that your skincare regimen has products that understand your skin’s needs. And, how do you know what’s best for your skin? Alkaa Punia, the noted expert on 100% Natural Products and the founder of Snaana, says that you don’t have to change your skincare products similar to your wardrobe with a change in season.

Snaana Skin Care helps you customize your skin care routine to target the specific skin care concern that arises around the year with changes in weather. Keeping skin healthy with the changes in the seasons from summers to Monsoon to autumn to winters is really simple and all that’s needed is the product that’s right for your age and skin tone and not necessarily the weather targeted products.

You really don’t have to change your products similar to your wardrobe with a change in season.

The changes you should make are simple –

1.      Summer – rising temperature leads to increased oil production and shine on the skin, Sweat.- To overcome this increase the quantity of toner application and reduce the quantity of cream( a light layer of cream covering the face, mixed with toner would suffice.) Exfoliation twice a week on face & body is really crucial to help shed off the dead skin and oil from pores clearing the skin pores to breathe easy followed by light oil on the body after shower and cream on face. Cleansing twice a day is important to remove oil. Dirt and other pollutants from the skin.

2.      Winters –With falling temperatures, the moisture levels dip giving us dryness, and a dull skin tone. The key to healthy skin in winters is -toner followed by a rich cream. Snaana a pea size cream is rich enough for a normal skin tone application on face. Snaana does not make market alike creams and lotions because we are against chemicals and preservatives and therefore we do not add water to our products. And when water is not there we don’t need chemicals and preservatives.

Exfoliation can be increased to 2-3 times a week. Body oil (quantity increased as compared to summers) should always be applied on damp skin that is immediately after the shower to seal the moisture which helps keep skin hydrated.

3.      Autumn – This is post monsoon time and pre winters so it’s a normal season where dryness starts coming up with reducing moisture levels in the air. So a toner followed by normal usage of cream may be a pea size or slightly less to it will custom your skin tone need. Similarly, Pre Monsoon weather needs can be customized by each one of us according to the requirement of the skin.

No matter what time of the year it is, Cleansing the same way with the same soap bar (as per age group and skin tone) is really important followed by Toner (needs adjustment as per weather) and Cream (needs adjustment as per weather) and Exfoliation cum Mask (At least once a week is necessary for all weather conditions) And Body Massage helps relax body and firm the skin.

Often the companies selling skin care products come up with different products for summers, winters etc. For example, companies come up with gel-based products OR light moisturizers for summers. This is simply a formulation with more water and less of cream/oil to suit summers where the skin produces more oil.  Similarly, these companies sell winter based products with more oil/butter and less water.  Link Lotion/Creams

With Snaana, Skincare transition from season to season is simple. And when you buy a Snaana product, you only pay for skin essential and not for water/chemical/preservative.


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