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Karle Infra introduces world-class luxury apartments Zenith

Karle Infra Pvt. Ltd. is a real estate and urban infrastructure development company based in Bengaluru, India. With over a decade long experience in developing properties, Karle Infra is now focused on developing a community-centric, world-class township. They are also known for its imaginatively conceptualized living and office spaces, detail-oriented planning and energy efficient design.

Mr. Senoj Alexander

Mr. Senoj Alexander, VP & Head – Design, Karle Infra, shares with PEAKLIFE, about the upcoming project Karle Town Centre, at Hebbal, Bangalore.

The project is an integrated township, which is a mix of culture, entertainment, innovation and business. Through this project, they hope to build a community and offer world-class luxury to its buyers.  

PL: Tell us about Karle Infra and its various ventures?

Senoj: Karle Infra, a subsidiary of Karle Group, is an established real estate & urban infrastructure development company, headquartered in the Silicon Valley of India, Bengaluru. The company has over a decade of rich experience in developing properties across property hotspots such as Bengaluru and emerging hotspots such as Goa, Mysore, and arcade (Tamil Nadu)

The company is now focused on the development of a world-class township in the fast-emerging North Bangalore. Karle Infra as a corporate entity, has been synonymous with high quality, globally benchmarked, offerings. The company today is known for its imaginative conceptualization of office spaces and energy efficient designs.

A steadfast corporate citizen Karle Infra is committed towards social, environmental, and economic impact that their operations might have. An unwavering commitment towards sustainability has led to giant strides in environment protection and efficient energy management practices.  

Karle Infra’s current project, the Karle Town Centre (KTC), in Bangalore is a 72 acres mixed use development that provides a perfect blend of open spaces, the elements of nature with that of modern architecture.  

The premium township rightly reflects the group’s expertise in developing world-class living and office spaces and aims at ushering in a new era of community centric townships, in one of the ideal localities in Bangalore.

PL: As the world is changing to new smart homes and technology, what are the expectations of new-age home buyers?

Senoj: As the median age declines with more millennials slowly percolating the market, we are witnessing a growing demand for exclusive & experiential. Smart homes, open floor concept, spa bathrooms, stylish outdoor landscape are some of the features in a luxury project that these customers seek.

The previous generation of home-buyers focused their demands on the location of the property, prioritizing it above all. Changing times and trends have incorporated a more holistic approach when considering the purchase of a home. Location, infrastructure facilities, ease of conveyance, entertainment and community offerings are all thought of as equal deciding factors.

Additionally, ‘walk to work’ has gained considerable currency across the Tier-1 property markets in India. This has been a rational response to mitigate the fallout of overcrowding in the overbuilt areas, thus leading to the concept of a hub-and-spoke model as well as that of integrated townships which house spaces for residential, commercial and office.

 PL: Tell us about the new project -Karle Town Centre and what can one look for in it?

Senoj: Karle Infra has prioritized community living, whilst offering world-class luxuries to its buyers. For those looking at buying residential units, Karle Town Centre (KTC) offers Zenith Residences.

At Zenith Residences, luxury is not just a statement. It is a lifestyle. Designed in keeping the love for comfort and extravagant living in mind; these living spaces have been specially created for entertaining, relaxing, and enjoying natural beauty, play and privacy. A few minutes from the lobby of Zenith Residences on foot, is all it takes to reach the Downtown Karle Town Centre, an entertainment paradise that is replete with sidewalk cafes, gourmet restaurants, multiplex, high street shopping, and theatre for the performing arts, cultural hotspots, and many more attractions.


Hosting events, being social, networking or fulfilling an obligation – whatever the reason, Zenith Residences has options to suit the needs. Open air lawns for dressier evenings, barbeque pits for clear summer nights and a Clubhouse for staging impressive events. Play squash, badminton, or basketball with family and fellow residents. Watch a movie or catch the latest sporting event with like-minded community at the mini theatre. 

 PL: Do you see an importance in the decentralization of cities and why?

Senoj: Urbanisation has been a growing phenomenon globally and is expected to be one of the defining demographic trends for India, for some time to come. Along with the rising urban population, the need for infrastructure becomes critical. The urban areas across the country are currently witnessing a sharp rise in congestion. Such overcrowding of cities brings about a chance for improvement in the form of urban decentralization.

A substantial number of any city’s businesses are often located in one location, creating economic zones and business hubs. Public transport is one of the only feasible options for traversing to and from work; an increase in the working population leads to imminent rise in traffic on the roads.

A city, that follows the decentralised, hub-and-spoke model, with commercial centres scattered all across the city can give way to transport systems to operate more efficiently. Professionals then, will no longer have to search for a home close by to the workplace and have multiple options to live in.

 PL: What is the new expansion and growth plans of Karle?

 Senoj: Karle Town Centre’ is a flagship urban-development-model conceived and perfected as a solution to India’s urban problems. Being scalable in nature, Karle Infra aims to replicate this model in other Cities and upcoming B Towns in India. In addition to this, the company has already made its foray into clean energy production by piloting work on a 20 MW solar power generation facility. Affordable housing in the suburban centers of existing cities is another focus area for the company.  To sum up, as a company, Karle Infra is on the lookout for creating and implementing sustainable solutions to meet India’s rapid urbanization.


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