Jewelry trends from recent big fat Indian weddings

A crop of on-trend baubles provides an instant refresh as you transition into a new season, re-energizing your style without requiring a total closet overhaul. Whether you’re partial to major earrings or you prefer to play with stackable styles like pinky rings, 2018’s jewelry options are as impactful as they are plentiful. Ahead, PeakLife has  broken down the must-have jewelry trends of the year.

Antique Temple Jewelry              

Temple jewelry with an antique finish is a trend train everyone wants to hop on. The jewelry is made primarily of gold and precious stones in red and green and feature large motifs of goddesses. The jewelry tends to intricate pieces and takes days of labor before you get the final product. This type of jewelry can be traced back to the Chola kingdom.


From contemporary to classic, from traditional to fashionable all under one roof, chokers are suitable for every occasion. The most blessed jewelry of the year. For all brides be a Punjabi, or be a Gujarati a perfect match. The royal look and trendy design would surprise everyone.


This is a traditional way of dressing brides. The beauty of bride is completed with this new range of matha Patti. Embedded in the sparkling stone and inspired from Mughals way, gives an elegant look to the bride. Indian head jewelry like this adds spark to your attire.


The maang- tikka isn’t just a sweet jewellery piece that the bride used to wear. Today, brides are more into wearing bigger, louder and in more elaborate designs.

Cocktail ring


Cocktail rings have been around since 2014 and are sported on girls at parties and one can wear a really eye catching one especially if the rest of the jewelry worn remains light. Indian brides prefer cocktail rings \ because they add glamour in a subtle way and when worn on a delicately manicured hand, the result is more than eye-catching. The more intricate the design, the more memorable the ring.

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