Jewellery to enhance your Look

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To make a powerful style statement a man must choose his jewellery wisely. For better or worse it sends signals about who we are, what commitments we have made and our status in society. Today a lot of top entrepreneurs, global leaders are experimenting unique fashion styles with jewellery and setting an example for the younger generation.

Jewellery not only enhances your personality but also adds volume to your outfit. So, keeping your complete appearance in mind, we bring you some of the must have’s.

A Good Watch

men's jewellery

Watch is one of the most important part of men’s accessories. It automatically sends a message to the other individual that you are confident and value time. The biggest blunder people can make is wearing a rubber strap, sports watch on a formal meet which will completely tarnish your image and attire. Either you can have a wide range of few cheaper watches for every occasion or you buy a little more expensive, timeless piece that goes perfect with every outfit.

Gold or Silver Necklace

men's jewellery

You can go for a plain and sleek, sliver necklace to make it considerably more masculine. It will add more volume to your outfit, giving you that extra edge over other people in the crowd. And if not silver, gold is also a great option for that opulent look. To style your necklace you can wear them over a nice, plain t-shirt as part of a simple outfit that come in different length and thickness, so choose wisely.

Leather Bracelet

men's jewellery

When talking about bracelets, we mean some high quality leather or steel bracelets, which if paired correctly can make a substantial difference in your outfit. These are just like bangles but crafted in a bit masculine manner. Always opt for one or two leather bracelet, matching to the colour of your attire, as it adds more depth and volume to your costume. It will give an image to the other individual about you that your style game is on.

Earrings or Studs

Over the past few years men have begun to wear earrings with full style and grace. But that does not mean, you start to wear some shiny, dangling earrings which completely tarnishes your costume. Try not to complicate things, just keep it simple like for starting a small diamond stud would be perfect. It will enhance the beauty of your outfit and will also broadcast wealth. One of the advantages of earrings is that they can be easily removed.

 Tungsten Ring

How many rings you carry in your hand, completely depends on your taste and style. Some people like to wear one ring in every finger and some like to just keep it clean and simple. I would suggest that, you keep it simple if you have just started wearing rings and gradually increase according to your preference. Also the same rule applies for the colour of your rings as it does for the bracelets.

Tie Pin 

Each jewel adds on to your beauty in a unique and interesting manner, so goes to your tie pin. Big entrepreneurs and global leaders always attach a tie pin to their tie, not only it helps you to look different but also sends a message to other people that you take pride in how you dress. These small – small add-ons always sum up to make a noticeable difference in your outfit.

So, after analyzing every aspect of men’s jewellery, one thing which is very clear is that, the more you try to accessorize the less it will be appealing. Always keep it simple and sober, because wearing jewellery in the most appropriate manner is an art.


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