Jaguar Land Rover launches subscription service in UK


Jaguar Land Rover is taking on a path it hasn’t taken on before. Instead of building a one-time sales relationship with the customers, the company is trying to build a more lasting relationship with the customers by introducing this Subscription Service.

Jaguar Land Rover has introduced an innovative subscription service in the UK called “Carpe”. This service of subscription is aimed at people who’re likely to spend a lot of hours on the road and like to change their cars frequently. Carpe is aimed and tailored to suit every individual need. Carpe basically lumps ownership costs together in a single monthly payment, encompassing the use of the car, VED, insurance, maintenance and breakdown assistance. Buyers only pay for the fuel their car needs to stay mobile. This scheme also comes with another feature according to which customers get a new vehicle every 12 months.


Carpe comes bearing this solution for people who love driving premium vehicles but also don’t want the rigid contracts they come with. Carpe also guarantees people the cars servicing, maintenance, insurance, roadside assistance and delivery. Carpe unlike other such companies working on similar lines gives the subscribers a chance to choose the vehicle they want with the specifications they want and deliver the car to their footstep.

The subscription prices start at £910 per month for a Jaguar E-Pace and top out at £1,870 a month for a Range Rover Sport, the prices can, however, vary based on the specifications the subscriber chooses. The Flagship car, Range Rover, however, is not up for this scheme and is the sole car missing from the list.

Would you like similar services or subscription offers to be introduced in India as well? Leave a comment and let us know.


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