International Wellness Conclave- New Delhi 2018

With the theme of “Excellence in Wellness”, the International Wellness Conclave- New Delhi on 25th and 26th of September 2018, promises to be the ideal meeting point for the global wellness and beauty industry to ideate upon the innovations and enhancements required in this dynamic market.

International Wellness Conclave with a theme of “Excellence in Wellness” is a platform for the global spa and wellness industry to ideate and discuss the possibilities of taking the market to a new height. The wellness industry has surged with many innovations happening every day. The International Wellness Conclave also serves as an ideal meeting point for all the wellness industry experts to ideate and discuss innovations in this dynamic market. The 2018 Conclave is scheduled to happen in New Delhi on the 25th and 26th of September 2018.

Purpose of the Conclave

International Wellness Conclave will bring together the experts from health, wellness and beauty segments to share their experiences and give insights on the way forward for this emerging segment as not just patrons but as ‘partners’ of this flourishing business. The event will have an audience which will talk about the prowess of the global partners with which the industry is growing and pave the way for “Excellence in Wellness”.

The Conclave will witness the participation of industry experts, Hoteliers, Health and Fitness Professionals, Beauty Experts, Innovative Thinkers, Travel &Tourism Promoters, Architects, Trade Practitioners and other inspirational successful enterprises from across the world.

Why India

India is rapidly growing in terms of wellness and is the centre of attraction for many global wellness leaders who are looking at investing in India. Indian wellness industry is set to achieve about Rs. 1.5 trillion by Financial Year 2020 (according to a report published by FICCI) which makes it an ideal venue. India is appreciated as a wellness destination globally and is developing infrastructure rapidly to support it. So, with the idea of promoting wellness in India, the conclave will highlight the different aspects of wellness and insights from Global Leaders of Wellness.

Why You Should Attend IWC

  • Networking opportunity with the wellness experts from different countries and getting an insight about their markets.
  • Get to know about the Indian wellness market in details and opportunities available in the market.
  • A perfect platform to collaborate with the trade professionals from different countries.
  • Gaining an immense knowledge bank on wellness industry.
  • Gaining an access to the rapidly growing Indian market.
  • An opportunity to interact with HNIs and Wellness Enthusiasts over cocktails to know more about the consumer behaviour.

We look forward to an exciting event in Delhi on the 25th and 26th of September 2018, as the forum opens a thought-provoking discussion on industry trends, addressing the challenges, and planning for the flourishing future of the wellness industry!


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