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Learn the delicious tea blend for healthy digestion and simply enjoy the taste of Blended tea

Tea is such a common name in our lives that we don’t think twice when steeping the tea bags or sipping our favourite tea. Yet, tea has a long history and a wealth of health properties. Let’s find out what teas could do for our daily well-being.

A gift from our forefather’s, Tea is an aromatic beverage extracted from the cured leaves of the Camellia sinensis. According to the Journal of Tea Science Research, tea is proved to have bioactive and antioxidant compounds which has protective role in our body.  The researchers have also proven how pollution in the cities and exposure to sunlight is affecting our skin and body. This leads in formation of free radicals, which is responsible for major diseases.

A much known Sublime house of tea provides handpicked and mixed tea using all organic and wild ingredients. Each blend of tea is with thoughtful understanding about what makes a tea blend nourishing and rejuvenating. The Blending and scenting teas is an additional dimension to the tea.

Some of the unique blends of teas available at Sublime House of Tea are:

Camomile- This is a herbal tea made from the dried flower heads of the Camomile flower. Camomile tea has been used for centuries in several European cultures to promote sleep and settle the stomach. Soothing and relaxing this tea is great to have before sleep.

White Tea with Raspberry– Sublime’s white tea with raspberry is an exotic white tea with a delicately fruity raspberry flavour. This delightful tea makes for a great satiating cup of relaxation any time of the day. White tea leaves are the least processed and the least oxidized. This tea is very rich in vitamins and antioxidants.

Moroccan Mint– A tea with a nippy, refreshing bite, it revitalises the senses and rejuvenates the mind. This is made using green tea leaves known as ‘gunpowder tea’ flavoured with mint. Traditionally, in Morocco, this tea is prepared by the head of the house and served to guests.

Green Long Ding– Green Long Ding is a whole leaf green tea. Whole green tea leaves carefully processed to minimise oxidation and rolled using a very special process, which lock in the aroma and antioxidants of this special tea. Green Long Ding has a subtle flavour and aroma which rejuvenates the mind, body and soul, being the complete antithesis of its more robust counterparts.

Wellness Brew– The Classic Indian masala Chai given a bit of a twist with blended in Ginger, Mint and Tulsi to give the drink a flavor that is at once spicy and soothing. Light, aromatic and flavoursome, it is best had with a slice of lemon or honey and is great to settle your mind and stomach, especially after lunch.

With more than 10 varieties of Black, Green, White and Herbal teas, all of which is the supreme quality and standards are available on the major stores and can be even purchased online on Sublime House of Tea.

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