Hyperloop: The next level of transportation

Hyperloop in India @PeakLife

Hyperloop is a concept proposed by Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX in 2012. Hyperloop a high-speed train technology is a proposed system of transport with pods traveling at high speeds of approximately 760 miles per hour through a tube that has been pumped into a near vacuum like atmosphere.

HyperLoop in India @PeakLifeThe Technology

Hyperloop pods move using magnetic levitation technology which cut short distances across the globe. With close to no friction in the tunnel the Hyperloop train can cut short the travel time with a projected speed of around 760 miles per hour. Due to less friction and low air resistance these Hyperloop trains can travel faster than the conventional trains with the use minimal energy. For e.g. you can travel Bangalore to Mysore by car in around 4 hours but Hyperloop cut shorts that time to 20 minutes

The Hyperloop consists of mainly two parts. The tube consisting of tracks and capsules carrying passengers. The capsule consisting of air compressors on the front, passenger compartment in middle and battery compartment at back and the solar panel fulfills the energy requirements of the Hyperloop train system. And the most amazing thing about this technology is that it is immune against the bad weather and natural disasters like earthquakes.

HyperLoop in India @PeakLifeFuture Desideratum and Benefits

Travelling nowadays by road or any other means is quite problematic due to fluctuating prices of fuels and is carbon expensive. Thus, Hyperloop aims to be a cost-effective, high speed, eco-friendly and time saver transportation system and the best alternative in future to the conventional train systems.

Less carbon footprint, immunity to natural disasters, cost-effective, high speed and many more factors make Hyperloop more productive and efficient in the sector of the economy by creating more potential jobs.

HTT in India @PeakLifeHyperloop in India

Hyperloop is being tested and developed in India as the California based company Hyperloop one has signed a MoU with the Karnataka Urban Development Authority recently. The MoU is about testing and identifying the potential routes to improve mobility in Bengaluru metropolitan area. Also, it has entered into a pact with the Maharashtra government to intensify the connection between the metropolis regions of Mumbai and Pune. There’s another company Hyperloop Transportation Technologies(HTT) which has signed a MoU with Andhra Pradesh Government to connect Amravati and Vijayawada in a 6 min ride.

HyperLoop in India @PeakLifeConclusion

It’s true that Hyperloop technology offers a revolutionary way of transportation but it should be realized that the technology is in its primitive stage with some loopholes and before implementation, it must be foolproof. Hyperloop is undoubtedly the breaking way of technology that would not only transform the mode of transportation but will also improve quality of life and economy in the long run.



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