Hublot’s two new limited-edition watches

Hublot's two limited-edition watches @PeakLife

Hublot has taken its Iconic model into uncharted technical and stylistic territory with these new limited-edition introductions.

Launched over ten years ago, Hublot’s Big Bang has become the benchmark of versatility in Swiss watchmaking. Using its unique and highly distinctive design as a starting point, Hublot has taken its Iconic model into uncharted technical and stylistic territory. In line with its motto, “The Art of Fusion”, several new materials have been specially developed by the engineers and watchmakers at the manufacture on the shores of Lake Geneva, to be used on the Big Bang Alps. The case and bezel feature a new frosted carbon formed from an aggregate of small pieces of rock that give the illusion of granite. This material is widespread throughout the Alps, a mountain range visible from the Hublot manufacture in Nyon and home to the Matterhorn. It is the most famous Swiss mountain, and its distinctive shape, known around the world, was the inspiration for the Big Bang Alps.

At the heart of the legendary Courchevel resort, Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot, surrounded by journalists and select Hublot clients, launched two new limited editions, the Big Bang Alps, at an evening that combined fire and ice.

The Alps, this ancient mountain range linking Switzerland and France, today gives its name to these two limited editions of 100 pieces. The collection features two models: a men’s 45 mm diameter version and a women’s 39 mm diameter version. Both are equipped with interchangeable “One Click” straps, a system which allows the wearer to adapt the watch to suit their mood. And for those looking for something extra exclusive and especially for those who feel the chill, Hublot has developed the Cuddly Cuff: an oversized cuff which can be attached to the One Click strap as desired, in warm and attractive shearling wool.


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