Here’s how you can increase positivity at your workspace

Positivity at your work space @PeakLife

We spend a lot of our time at our workplace. Hence, it is very important that we take a good look around our office space and make some additions and alterations in it to make our office space exude positivity and enhance our productivity.

Creating a positive work environment sounds like a noble aspiration for both, your business and the workforce. Workplaces are bound to be shadowed with stress and it gets challenging to keep the energy positive in such a space. That’s why we gathered some great tips to help keep you and your team motivated and more productive, day in and day out. Read on…

Plants form an integral part:

Plants at workplace @PeakLife

You must make sure that there are enough plants in the office space. Plants help create an atmosphere that resembles that of a forest, which is good in an office, for it can soak negative energy and release positive energy. They also purify the air, thus reducing air pollutants. Plants such as Areca palm, Lady palm, bamboo plant are good options to have in an office.

Use rocks and crystals:

When you buy a plant, you will, of course, buy a pot for it. In the soil of the pot, put some crystals and rocks as well. This is a symbol of wealth and it can help harness your concentration and promote wealth in your life. The best part about these crystals and rocks will be the fact that you can keep them hidden so that nobody would see them and invoke any negative energy.

Use an Aquarium:

Aquarium at workspace @PeakLife

It would be beneficial for you to have an aquarium in the East, South-east or the Northern part of the workspace. Aquariums can help reduce stress and anxiety by bringing the calming effects of nature. They also activate and enhance your money and career luck.

Keep your cubicle organized:

De-clutter your office desk as when you do so, you allow positive energies to flow in, without any hindrance. This also keeps you to be more productive as you sub-consciously de-clutter your mind too. A disorganized workplace is a sign of disorganized mind. Hence, it would be best to minimise any distraction in the office.

Avoid sitting along the door or window:

One should never sit in a straight line from the door or window as the coming and going from these areas will distract you from your work. When your desk faces a window, your energy, and dedicated attention flow right outside instead of into your work.

Avoid having Mirrors:

The mirror is one of the powerful objects used to redirect energy. They reflect any negative energy from the customers or the colleagues in your office.Also, use of a cracked or fractured mirror can lead to fracture a person’s image, and also fracture the person’s view of himself/herself and life.

Have a strong visual presence:

Having some photos in your workplace is important to make your space visually pleasing. One can have small or big frames, but having a good frame that aesthetically works with the rest of the office decor would certainly be useful. This area will be able to fill one with positive energy.

You can get started on improving motivation in your workplace with any of these suggestions, and develop your own as well.


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