How to visit Switzerland like a local

Discover Switzerland in Swiss style with variety of local and scenic tours.

With their snow-capped peaks and lush, rolling foothills, medieval countryside and urban culture, Switzerland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. But yes the quiet landscape has lot to explore, from the cultural sites to traditional tour. Switzerland offers its travellers a lot of options to explore the traditions and customs closely and discover it. Here is a list of things you can do when you’re in Switzerland and explore the country like a local.

Make your own Swiss Chocolates

Switzerland is known for its absolute best chocolates in the world and also is home to some of the renowned chocolate brands. Being a Swiss Chocolatier is not an easy role and preparation of premium chocolates requires an expert’s skills. You can try out your hands in making some fine chocolates and find out the secrets of processing chocolate and in addition learn about the old traditional method of making the original Lucerne pear-tart filling and Biber etc. You can avail these sessions from Premium Switzerland.

Learn the art of Yodelling

Well you might have heard of Yodel from around the world, but yes if you are at Switzerland, probably you must also learn how to yodel. Yodelling is much loved pursuit in the quiet regions of Switzerland amongst the shepherds, who communicate with their livestock and amongst pastures. These days you will find yodelling only in taverns and only on radio than in the countryside, but there are organisations which offer such courses for travel enthusiasts with private tutor.

 Must know how to play Alphorn

Alphorn has become the national symbol of Switzerland with the passing of the renaissance has developed its importance. The 3 metres long, brass wind instrument has simple mechanisms but difficult to play. Like all the other wind instruments Alphorn is played with breathe controlled notes. If you’re looking for fun and musical holiday you can opt for Alphorn classes, where you will be given session on the mountaintop where your audience will be cows.

 Play the local Sport, Schwingen

Schwingen is the Swiss form of wrestling and is very popular in Switzerland these days. Generally a Schwingen is fought as a duel between two stronger contenders and has its own rules, grips and throws. So, you can try 100 different styles of throws and win the game. The winner doesn’t have a price money instead is given wreath and receives prize from the gift table including the old furniture, cow bells and natural objects. So, you must surely try your luck here.

Hike in the unspoiled nature 

Anyone who has spent some time in Switzerland knows that hiking is a national pastime. There are many amazing places to hike across the country where you won’t find tons of tourists. You also enjoy the Swiss wine trails, learning about the wine farms and making and tasting some of the ancient wines here. You can also must visit the farms and see the cheese making processing here and try fresh gourmet experience at the farm.



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