How to Revamp your home with minimalistic add-ons this Diwali

This Diwali decorate your home with stylish and elegant add-ons.

It’s that time of year again, a time to get out homes ready to celebrate the much-awaited Festival of Lights, Diwali. With a laundry list of loved ones visiting for the long weekend, it’s time to upgrade the place where tea and endless hours of catching up take place- your living room couch. Minimalist design is in and chunky pieces are out, so let’s take a look at some off-beat couches and minimalistic lights that can add some zing to your festivities.

Crown Pendant Lamp

Make a gleaming statement with the Crown Pendant Lamp, designed especially for those who like to play with lights and add a shimmery touch of happiness to their festive living space. This pendant lamp resembles a weaver bird’s nest and comes in a vibrant yellow colour at the top and gradually fades into white to the bottom. You can hang this light lamp in your kitchen, entryway or in your balcony to bring in the festive aura. The light exuding from the lamp will create a soothing atmosphere and will maximise the light in your space. If you have a corner in your house that feels empty you can hang this pendant lamp and make it come alive.

Ruby Red Glass Vases with Metal Base

Ruby bed glass vases with a metal base can be a great option for this Diwali gifting also one can add this exotic vase to add a minimalistic decoration to dining tables. The vase is priced at Rs 7,200 is available at the Altus Interio store.

Frazer and Haws Silver decorative

With a purity of 92.5% sterling silver, there is a wide agglomeration of masterpieces which epitomize the significance of the Indian tradition and the cultural values in our lives. Frazer and Haws give a wide range of splendid timepieces, paperweights, key rings, photo frames, cardholders and much more to choose from. This Diwali adds this serving plate to your diner to give a fancy look. The magnificent designs give a royal ambience to your decor.

Handicraft for Living rooms

Apart from decorative, lamp shades, one can also look for some interesting curtains by Shades of India. A special festive collection which was launched recently gives the eminent rich fabrics finished with the glam of metallic intricacies and traditional designs with a modern twist. Shades of India has blended them all and handcrafted magnificence in itself. You can pick lampshades, fabrics for curtains, pillow covers etc. If you’re looking for innovative living rooms upgrades for this festive season, then Shades of India is the right place to look for.

 Converse sofa

Looking for that perfect festive sofa set and it’s here, the Converse sofa. This set will fit like a puzzle piece perfectly into your space creating a cosy seating environment in your living room. Modules can be combined and can be placed in a variety of formats in the living room which is what makes them so unique. The ottoman adds on to the sofa creating additional space and can be placed in front of the sofa to stretch your legs and relax.





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