How to lose water weight overnight to get your body NYE ready

This is your last chance to look fit and fab at the NYE party with these easy tips that will help you shed your water weight and instantly lose an inch or two. Read on…

Water weight generally is just some extra kilos in the body along with the bone and muscle weights. It’s festive season and partying and socializing is in line for everyone. Plus, the need to look good is a must, and that goes without saying. If looking your very best at the new year’s eve party is bothering you, here’s a list of tricks which will help you lose those extra inches to get into perfect shape to look 10/10 in your party clothes.

Manage your salt intake

Well the first thing you must do is reduce intake of salt in your diet as the sodium tends to retain unwanted water weight. Typically the best way to stop sodium intake is to stop the processed food has it contains more amount of salt for storage purpose. So you can replace the processed food to fresh food and increase the intake of water for the day.

Exercise right

Exercise Right

If you are looking to shed that extra kilos, workout more. Start with basic stretching exercises for day and then increasing the intensity. A good option will be a brisk walking session for 1 hour- start with moderate pace walking for 10 mins then gradually increase to brisk walking and take short intervals in between. You can also add quick running session in between the brisk walk instead of long runs. Along with these one can also do skipping for reducing the water weight. Throughout the workout be dehydrated and sweat it out.

Intake of additional fruits and herbs

Intake of fruits and herbs

With the intense workout obviously the body requires energy plus extra supplements to withstand the day. And yes the foremost is water retention capacity, one must consume a diet to combat this. Potassium-rich foods are often recommended, as potassium can help balance sodium levels and increase urine production, helping you drop excess water. You must add dark green leafy vegetables, beans, bananas, avocados, tomatoes to your salad.  These are healthy and rich in potassium along with dairy products.

Keep your body hydrated


When your body is under severe training its must you intake a good amount of water to regulate the body. It is recommendable for both men and women to drink 11 to 15 cups of water (i.e to 2.7 to 3.7 liters). Water will help in keeping the body dehydrated and keeps in water retention and dissolving the toxins from the body. Simply slip little water through the day and also in quick intervals of workout.

Sleep more

Sleep More

When your body involves in excessive training it automatically requires rest as the muscular and the nervous system breaks down. One of the natural processes of relaxing the body apart from warm-up is a good sleep. It is wisely recommended for a body to take rest after the day of workout for at least 6 to 8 hours. According to the researches sleeping is equally important as your diet and exercises so this is a must on your list to reach your goal.

For people who have medical issues please consult a doctor before you try this method.



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