How to keep your yachts eco-friendly

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Eco-friendly advancements and championing ultra-modern technology in green yacht building is not just for show, but it helps in keeping our boats sailing clean.

Yachts are all about beautiful exteriors, elegant interiors, comfort, luxury, and quite efficient speed and energy. Whether we are happily splashing about in clear, aqua-blue tropical waters or quietly watching wildlife in a calm cove, a vacay on a yacht makes us have access to some of nature’s most beautiful and exciting seascapes. In many ways sailing on a yacht is one of the most luxurious means to relax, in high-end luxury and top of the line comfortable dwellings.Unfortunately, this is not always the case and many of the best aspects of yachting and boating can also be the most harmful to the environment if proper care is not taken.

So, nurture your love for boating and sailing with some of these green tips to make your yacht and yachting experiences eco-friendly.

Yacht with the right engine

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An estimated 30 percent of all fuel and oil used in two-stroke engines ends up in the water. Manufacturers around the world are responding to this concern by developing four-stroke marine engines with fuel injection systems which greatly reduce the amount of oil and fuel entering the water and air emissions. A four stroke is also quieter, smoother, easier to use with clean propulsion and low energy consumption.

Low Energy Consumption and Electric

Equip the Yacht with eco-friendly ways like carbon-epoxy composite hull, carbon fiber stringers, a single engine providing energy plus propulsion for an efficient and quiet ride. Led lighting and windows filtering infrared lights reduce the carbon footprint and need of air-conditioning.

Marine Friendly Painting

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Occasionally repainting your boat is important to protect the hull from the harsh salt water of the ocean and other natural elements. Antifouling paint is expensive and toxic; you may be able to do without it. Try using regular paint and a coat of slick bottom wax or chose from many other eco-friendly paints easily available.

The Perils of Petrol

The devastating impact that oil spills inflict on marine wildlife and coastal habitats. Keeping your engine well maintained, putting an absorbent pad in your bilge to collect any wayward oil, refueling with care, can help your yacht sail clean and spill free.

Clean Green

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Having a boat is a big responsibility and caring for that boat in an environmentally-sound way is just a part of that overall responsibility. Cleaning with eco-friendly products instead of harsher, chemical-based cleaners, proper disposal of sewage and waste materials takes your yacht to the next, green level.

Boating and green practices go hand in hand. Many boaters enjoy the sport because they like the experience of clean, blue water, and natural settings and keeping a healthy, clean waterway contributes to a better world for us all.


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