How to get ready for the Marathon

Nike marathon Lead

Nike Zoom Squad- Shaleena Nathani is getting ready for the Marathon.

While most people spend their holiday eating sugary treats and avoiding exercises, the Nike Zoom Squad is getting ready for the Marathon. Shaleena Nathani, Nike Zoom Squad shares her routine and tips for getting ready Marathon over a Tete-a-tete.

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Shaleena is a well-known celebrity stylist and is the person behind Deepika     Padukone’s and Shah Rukh Khan’s ensembles. She has joined the Nike family in 2017 and ever since, she hasn’t stopped running. Even during her travels, she puts on her running shoes.

  • Running one fine morning is not an easy task, tell us about how to prepare our body for running?

The most important part of training for a marathon is a well-rested body. Watching your diet (vitamin, minerals and other essential salts as an intake is must along with drinking lots of water), massages and working on opening out your muscles is also important. One can end up getting injured if you do not have a correct form and hence technique is important as well.

  • What one should include in their diet to feel full yet energetic for a marathon?

After your regular running, you should replenish your body with salts and the right kind of carbohydrates in your diet. While workouts are important diet is also very important. There are times we end up skipping our meals, which should never be done. A good diet along with adequate rest is the key to not fall back on fitness levels.

  • Does body shape/size have anything to do with running?

I believe in exercising for being fit and not to attain any body shape or type. It’s not the size that matters, what matters is the flexibility and levels of fitness. The body needs to be fit and capable of carrying its weight and that is possible to achieve simply by keeping your heart and mind fit.

  • How is your training regimen like?

Being a part of the Nike Zoom Squad, I have a very committed training schedule which I always stick to inspite of my hectic schedules. I aim to train for a minimum of 1 to 1.5 hours a day and at least five times a week. My training is a mix of strength and endurance workouts. Using a heartbeat monitor helps me maximize my efforts in the right way.

Marathon Runners

  • Tell us about some of your warm-ups and why one should be keen about it?

Warm-ups are important before your run since it not only helps you start better but also keeps the cramps and muscle pulls at bay.

  • What are some of the essential tips to keep in mind before and after a marathon?

Before: It’s important that you have a carbohydrate-heavy meal the night before

After: You must get proper rest as well as a good massage and drink lots of water   since your body would take time to recover before you can start working out again

  • With the recent events of Deepika & Ranveer marriage, you might have been busy with the marriage, So, how do you to balance, with your hectic schedules yet taking out time to run?

Not having the time is an excuse for most people – one needs to sacrifice certain things in life to achieve something. I have given up going to events, cut down on my social life just so I could go to sleep early. It is difficult, but it is a priority for me. It is what keeps me going despite my hectic work schedules.


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