How to choose your ‘fragrance’ this Summer?

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Summary notes are defined by freshness and vibrancy. But what’s the right fragrance for you? Indian Perfumery Genius, Narendra Kumar Daga from the House of McNROE, shares Fragrance Trends for Women.

Summer or the “Season of Sunshine & long days” is something we eagerly await.  Nothing is better than waking up to the enchanting earthy smell of morning dew; vibrant, sunny days and relaxed musky evenings! Everyone looks forward to unpacking their beachwear and flip-flops to bask by the pool or sea, or sipping cool mocktails in their favorite summer dress and heels. Whether heading out to a getaway or a hectic day at work, the most essential accessory in summer is definitely a good fragrance. Something to keep you refreshed energized and deodorized all day long.

Fragrances have the power to influence our senses and uplift our mood – transforming the environment from mellow to merry within seconds!  Narendra Kumar Daga from the House of McNROE, shares few insights on how to pick the right fragrance for oneself this summer:

Hitting The Right Note:

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One should be able to pick a particular fragrance for them, something which is already trending in the market doesn’t necessarily make it your fragrance. Identifying the correct note that suits your personality is of utmost importance. Use adjectives to define yourself and pick a fragrance that resonates strongly.

Choose The Lighter Tones:

A fragrance that reminds you of a fresh sea breeze or floral notes on dew is observed to cool the body and instantly pacify the mind. A summer scent should quench the heat and sooth the senses. Avoid heavy tones like Vanilla, Cocoa or Caramel as they exude warmth.

For Dazzling Evenings:

To pick a perfume for casual outings, parties etc, one should opt for a mild, floral hue with a woody base note. Such fragrances are feminine in nature, yet subtly infuse an enchanting effect. A combination of a fruity Top note, a leafy Heart note, and an intense Base note does the trick.

All Day Long Fragrances:
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To feel fragrant all day long, one doesn’t require to douse perfume every hour! An EDT (Eau De Toilette) is the ideal option. Eau de Toilette is the happy medium between airy Cologne with a punch of Parfum. Once absorbed in the skin, it gradually diffuses throughout the day, to release the lasting scent.

Day In & Day Out:

Every fragrance is synonymous with the mood or time we carry it. When picking up a right fragrance for day wear – go for Aqua, Fresh or Rose based scents. For a night out opt for a more concentrated note like Amber, Cedarwood or Musk with a light hint of floral note such as Jasmine orLily.

As the last word, one could say that in a world of plush scents and persuasive marketing strategies, the key to your unique style is to discover your very own fragrance.


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