How to be a winning house party host

How to be a winning house party host

We are letting you in on the secret ingredients of an epic house party

Pulling off a memorable house party is not an easy task, but yes, if planned well, you can really rock it! There are zillions of tricks that can be put to play to bag the crown of a winning house party host. From playing with the décor to adding a theme or fun dress code, or serve an exotic wine or spectacular spread, here the list with all the details you need. Once you’re done with reading this article you will be all set to slay the party season and become the talk of the town for the memorable party you host. Go on, get reading on these fantastic party treats and simple idea check list.

How to be a winning house party host

Guest List

The success or failure of any house party depends on who is being invited. So, your guest list requires the most focused decision-making process. Your party must you have a good mix of guests, including someone who is little helpful and also key players who let the party run smoothly. Keep away from people with strong political views or bringing together those with extremely different ideologies. You know your friends, so mix them up in a way that conversation can flow easily, and a positive vibe is maintained at your party. ++ Keep a check on fussy people like who would drink more than they can handle, and you might need a hand for handling them.

Stock up Alcohol

How to be a winning house party host

A good host remembers to stock up on beer, wine and liquor, but a great host remembers to provide a non-alcoholic option, too. From mocktails to virgin cocktails, you just got to keep everyone at the party happy and in good sips. Plan for the welcome drink, or a welcome shot or party punch bowl to add an element of quirk and tradition to your party.

Finger- licking Food

How to be a winning house party host

You must know how to combine the dishes harmoniously into an appetizing meal. Finger foods are the most convenient preparations that you can make for your list of guests. These bite-sized foods are easy to pop into your mouth and they also go perfectly well with drinks. Add some interesting foods, like hummus and veggies, kababs, chicken tikka, bhajias, chips and dip, and some cookies and brownies. If you wish to stand out from the crowd, you may even experiment with sourcing a lesser known cuisine style, or if you are up for some frills, call in a special chef to toss up a special experience.

Have a good Playlist

Always keep your playlist ready with good music, keeping up to the mood of the party or theme. If you’re planning to play music online with the apps, then probably choose a right application which will not embarrass you in front of your guest. You can pick from Wink Music, or Saavan all these music apps will give your choice of music. To avoid awkwardness, also keep a backup of playlist on your drives.

 Funny games and house rules

Come up with interesting house rules for making the party more lively. Include some drinking games like do bring a bottle of liquor or wine while coming for the party. Add some compulsory phrases whenever one wants to talk like “I’ll tell you what,” and some other rules like no is allowed to speak in first person. Adding some more interesting things, everybody must wink whenever you see somebody new.

While there are many ways to throw a party, these simple yet interesting check list will help you make it more fun.




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