Hottest Weekends Getaways in India

Hottest Weekends Getaways in India

We live in a country that is dotted with numerous attractions that make for excellent weekend getaways across the country. So, while you are trying to figure a plan for the first long weekend of the year, here’s a list that you might want to refer to.

After days of slogging and working hard, a short break from work becomes the need of the hour. A small excursion for a day or two is the best way to get away from stress and tensions of daily routine city life. Sounds like an exciting idea, right? When one has time constraints, a weekend getaway from the city proves to be an ideal option and of course, well-deserved too. If you are short on time, plan for a weekend getaway to the best possible location from your city. In a trip of one or two days, you can actually explore some amazing places nearby, can partake in interesting recreational activities, can indulge in shopping can gorge on some mouth-watering delicacies.So, pack your bags and get all ready to treat yourself and enjoy your life to the fullest during your weekend getaway. Indian Holiday has innumerable options for you.

  1. From Mumbai

Lonavala: The foggy ambiance, the freshness of the air, the smell of roasted corn with a steaming tea and the beautiful waterfalls in the background will all make you want to freeze the moment forever!

It is a romantic escape from the chaotic noise of city life.Salubrious climate, magnificent exquisiteness, historical forts, ancient caves and beautiful lakes make it the most sought after destination in India.

khandala @PeakLife

Khandala: If you wish to scout the real charm of paradise, you don’t have to leave this globe, travel to Khandala and you will come across everything you can visualize about. Decorated with stupendous natural views, it surprises the travelers with its beautiful scenery of lustrous valleys, magnificent waterfalls, verdant greenery and picturesque ponds. This lovely place is geared up to fascinate the tourists with its splendid allure. 

alibaug @PeakLife

Alibaug: While the coastal town is best known for its beautiful beaches, it also offers you a peek into history and heritage with its forts and temples. The main attraction here is the Kanakeshwar Devasthan Temple which is situated at an altitude of 900 ft on a hill, one has to climb around 5000 stairs to reach the temple.

  1. From Delhi

mussoorie @PeakLife

Mussoorie: Though time may have changed the silhouettes of Mussoorie, certain things remain the same.Once the retreat or in an appropriate word an escape for the British from the sweltering summer in India, Mussoorie, till today remains an ideal getaway for all those seeking respite from the harsh weather conditions. Perched on a horse-shaped ridge at an altitude of about 2006m, Mussoorie is dubbed as the “Queen of Hill Station”.

jaipur @Peaklife

Jaipur: Inarguably an alluring treasure trove, Jaipur deserves to be the capital of Rajasthan. This famous travel place best reflects the opulent Rajputana architecture, traditions, and history of the state. A welcoming and hospitable Jaipur is perfect for a holiday amidst rich history and modern comforts. Each fort, palace, and temple in Jaipur boasts skilled craftsmanship and passion for building. It is also a food lover’s paradise, dotted with restaurants and eateries serving delicious multiple cuisines.

 rishikesh @PeakLife

Rishikesh: Rishikesh has a lot on its platter to offer to travel enthusiasts. It is amongst the adventure and travel destinations of India- from white-water river rafting to bungee jumping, there is a lot of all adventure seekers out there. The mere thought of rafting through the mighty river Ganges passing would give an instant adrenaline rush to everyone, even one who has an experience of rafting. 

  1. From Bangalore

coorg @PeakLife

Coorg: Set amidst the beauty and tranquillity of hills, vegetation, Coorg is a perfect getaway from the hustle bustle of city life. A place with a rich history and beautiful scenery is always among popular tourists and Coorg is no exception. It is an ode to nature and no wonder it has been attributed the sobriquet, Scotland of the East. The coffee estates with its colonial flavors lure the tourists. 

mysore @PeakLife

Mysore: Mysore, which is also known as the cultural capital of Karnataka, is home to many opulent and royal palaces. The rich cultural heritage and historical significance of this glorious city attract tourists from around the world, who explore the splendor of Mysore city that includes prehistoric sites, palaces, monuments and well-manicured gardens.


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