Home made cocktails for this Monsoon

Sipping cocktails more than tea in the monsoons sounds amazing. Peaklife compiles some of the home-made cocktails that you can have this monsoon.

Monsoons always bring a chill in the air but on a lazy monsoon evening, a cocktail session would do good. Here is a list of some home made cocktails that will be a perfect blend for this monsoon season.

Spicy Jalapenos Margarita

Spicy jalapenos Margarita is an easy to make cocktail at home that would be perfect in taste for the monsoons.


Triple Sec – 25ml

Jalapenos – 3 to 4

Lime juice – 25ml

Garnish – Sugar rim with lemon lice

 Mix the jalapenos with the other ingredients and shake. Gently strain in a chilled glass with sugar rim as a garnishing element.

Botanical Blood Mary

Botanical Blood Marry is a fresh cocktail drink for the monsoons and its delicious in taste.


 Vodka – 60ml

Celery salt – 1 pinch

Lime juice – 20 ml

Tabasco sauce – 2 dashes

Tomato juice – 120ml

Garnish – Parsley sprig and salt rim

Add all the ingredients in an ice filled and salt rimmed glass and mix well.

Minty Melon

A mint flavor on your tongue is always refreshing and Minty Melon cocktail for the monsoon season is a perfect drink for it.


Vodka – 60ml

Watermelon juice – 60ml

Lime juice – 15ml

Simple syrup – 10ml

Watermelon syrup – 10ml

Mint leaves

In a cocktail shaker filled with ice, add all the ingredients. Double strain and put crushed ice in a margarita glass. For garnishing, add watermelon slice and mint spring.

Spiced Tanqueray Cider


 With different sorts of flavors, Spiced Tanqueray cider is a delectable cocktail to drink in the monsoon season.


 Tanqueray – 45ml

Fresh Lime juice – 20 ml

Honey – 20ml

1 Piece Star Anise

Clove – 1 piece

Hot white wine and Apple mix – 100ml

With the heat on the stove, take equal amount of hot wine and apple mix.  In a high ball glass, Add all the other ingredients and top with heated oil and apple mixture. A twist of lemon peel would add like a garnish to this cocktail.

 Currant and Lychee Martini Slush


What could be better to add a little vodka to your favorite lychee? Currant and Lychee martini slush would be a perfect taste for the monsoon season.


Lemon Sorbet – 8 Oz.

Currant – 10 to 12

Vodka – 6 Oz.

Lychees – 5 to 7 (skinned and pitted)

Place sorbet, currant and lychees in a blender and stir till it becomes smooth and combined. Add vodka, so that the cocktail turns combined.

These were some of the home-made cocktails that blend perfectly with the monsoon.



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