Here’s why you will pay £3,000 to £4,000 for a Savile Row suit?

A Savile Row tailored suit could cost you all that, or even more! Peaklife explores what makes a suit from the ‘Golden mile of tailoring’ worth all that.

Savile Row is the biggest name in men’s bespoke tailoring services. The price for a bespoke suit from Savile Row could take you down by £3,000 to £4,000, which is about 2.5 lakh rupees to 3.5 lakh rupees. A custom designed Savile Row suite with a specialised fabric, you could be billed for anything up-to £10,000, which if converted into INR is about 9 lakh rupees. The bespoke tailoring service providers of Savile Row make no apology of the cost they bill. What makes a Savile Row suit all that? Read on to know more.

Savile Row is a complete street of tailoring service providers, who have been acknowledged in history as the most iconic tailoring geniuses in the world. This street in Central London was the place where tailors started doing business in the late 18th century. In today’s age and time, while varied bespoke tailoring services have been provides by leading brands like Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Berluti, Dior Homme, Salvatore Ferragamo, Canali, Giorgio Armani and many others, the charm and history of a Savile Row is cherished for its distinguished statement.

The history of Savile Row

The tailoring establishment of Savile Row is known to have set up in the mid-sixteenth and early seventeenth century. Enhancing the prestige of the ‘Golden street of tailoring’, Henry Poole, credited as being the “Founder of Savile Row” and creators of the Tuxedo, made their mark with the first modern-style dinner jacket in the 1880’s, which was a custom design project suited to the requirement of the Prince of Wales.

It is often said in London that “If the suit fits you well, it must be a Savile Row.”All these fine designers and fabrics make this place a class apart. Savile Row and along with many other neighbouring streets promise to deliver you the finest of designs with streamlined tailoring.

The fine line-up of its customers

Do you know what’s common between Jude Law, Winston Churchill, Napoleon III, and Muhammad Ali Jinnah? They have all trusted the Savile Row tailoring services for their suits. These fine quality tailoring services have been a global icon of men’s luxury from centuries that demonstrates style, elegance and confidence along with representing the British culture.

Here are five of the finest tailoring service providers that were noted by the royalty and distinguished gentlemen alike.

Henry Poole

Picture Credits: Henry Poole

For ages Henry Poole is one of the most famous names on the Savile Row. People from generations and across the nation have experienced the bespoke tailoring at Henry Poole. Each design and costume is different from one another, giving it that extra inch over other tailored suits. It also has apprenticeship programmes that inspire young talents to the same field and continue the tradition.


Picture Credits: Huntsman Savile Row

Huntsman takes pride in its rich heritage and innovative designs. It was established by Henry Huntsman in 1849, at No. 126 New Bond Street. Each set of clothes are designed as per the accurate measurement of the body type. A glimpse of the store was utilised in the box office hit movie, The Kingsman.

Anderson & Sheppard

Picture Credits: Anderson & Sheppard

If you also want to be a part of the dapper client list of Anderson & Sheppard alongside Rudolf Valentino, Prince Charles and many more to count? Then you must pay a visit to the Anderson & Sheppard Savile Row, bespoke clothing firm that was established in the year 1906. The firm adds on to the pride of Savile Row with outfits that are a perfect blend of tradition and modern technology.

Charlie Allen

Picture Credits: Charlie Allen

Charlie Allen is a designer, tailor, consultant and one of the five sons of James Allen, who had a tailoring business of their own. Inspired by the business and men’s fashion, Charlie Allen trained at the Royal College of Art, before steeping into the business. With an amazing tailoring client list from Princess Anne to Andrew Flintoff, getiing your suit tailored over here will be once in a lifetime experience.

Edward Sexton

Picture Credits: Edward Sexton

Edward Sexton has completely transformed the meaning of luxury and style with its extraordinary sense of the avant-garde in their work. It’s high-profile client list which includes Mick & Bianca Jagger, Naomi Campbell, and Annie Lennox does the talking for the brand itself. Each costume is designed with a modern twist but also keeping in mind the old traditions of Savile Row.

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